What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud And Its Benefits?

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Sales Cloud by Salesforce is the perfect platform for organizing and streamlining your sales processes.

From creating product logs to creating campaigns and managing contacts, this product helps you manage your sales department efficiently and effectively.

The Sales Cloud helps you integrate data from multiple points.

This can be from customers, social media platforms, account listings, and product logs and all of this is used to generate more leads. It can also be customized and tailored according to your business requirements and needs.

Sales Cloud can be accessed from anywhere at any time through a browser or a mobile application.

Additionally, you can also leverage Salesforce’s AppExchange.

This is a platform that offers access to thousands of applications that can be embedded into your custom Salesforce Sales Cloud and add personalized features to it.

Different Modules of Sales Cloud

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is a complete package for enterprises to manage and organize their sales processes to achieve maximum productivity.

It is not a single pack for all product.

It comes with multiple modules out of which, some are mentioned below:

Campaign Management

The campaign management module is equipped with features to design and organize marketing programs that result in the generation of better leads.

Better leads give improved revenue. This module can also help you centralize your entire marketing campaigns.

This includes advertisements, Emails, seminars, events, telemarketing programs, etc.

Leads Management

The lead management module is designed for pointing out potential customers so that they can be reached and leads can be converted into qualified sales.

Accounts Management

When leads are converted into customers, several stakeholders are involved in the process.

The account management module enables you to create dedicated accounts and profiles for customers to keep track of their details.

This also helps you maintain a record of the list of people who can be beneficial for your business in the future.

Its essentials let you develop a great relationship with these clients of the future.

Contacts Management

For every business, it is crucial to maintain a list of useful contacts.

This is so that the relevant stakeholders can be contacted when required.

This module serves this purpose by saving contact details of people.

Opportunities Management

The opportunity management module serves the purpose of creating records for potential business opportunities.

These opportunities can be accessed and utilized later at any point in time.

Cases Management

This module can help you manage issues and concerns raised after a business deal is closed with a certain client.

Reports and Dashboards

The Dashboard and Reports sections help management in keeping track of how individual campaigns are performing, the numbers of leads generated by these campaigns, revenue, and so on.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales cloud offers numerous benefits to organizations of each size and niche. These include:

Personalized Sales Process

The Sales cloud can be customized according to your unique needs and demands. It can be custom tailored to suit the exact requirements of your business.

Accuracy in Forecasts

Sales Cloud comes with artificially intelligent embedded in its modules. This ensures that all the forecasts are realistic.

These predictions ensure better strategies and impacting results in the future.

Streamline Business Processes

Sales Cloud helps you keep a track of all your business processes and streamline it for better and improved output.

The module also adjusts to the changing business climate and your market landscape.

Shortened Sales Cycle

Salesforce ‘s Sales Cloud can perform in perfect coordination with all your stake holders and processes.

This will result in shortened Sales Cycles.

Easily Accessible

Data associated with Sales Cloud is saved in a Cloud server.

This makes it easily accessible through any basic internet browser, independent of device or location.

The data is updated in real time by updating and syncing records.

Productivity Booster

The dashboard and reports are vital in determining the progress of your sales department.

These results are a great way to device better strategies in the future and boost productivity

The Best Choice You Will Make For An Improved Business Performance

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an extremely useful tool for your business growth and success.

It helps you in narrowing down options for your business opportunities and connections by ranking your leads.

Sales cloud Pricing

The pricing details for different Sales Cloud modules are mentioned below:

1. Salesforce Essentials costs $25 per month.

2. Lightning Professional costs $75 per month

3. Lightning Enterprise costs $150 per month.

4. Lightning Unlimited costs $300 per month.

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