Salesforce Flow Session -2

Become Salesforce Flow Experts

About Speaker

Sanjay Gupta is a Manager (L&D), Tech Lead, Educator, Coach & Trainer with 15+ years of Industry Experience. He has been enriching the lives of many Salesforce Aspirants with his courses, training, coaching, and webinars.

Webinar Details :

Salesforce Flows is a powerful automation tool that can help your business save time, energy, and money by streamlining processes and allowing for easy integration with other applications. With this powerful tool, businesses are able to easily implement customer service processes, automate order management, create automated sales pipelines, and more.

Let us help you make your Salesforce Flows scalable and future-proof, with the best practices and more.

In this On-Demand webinar you will learn ?

  • How to build different types of flow through low code automation
  • Live Exercise – Scheduled Triggered Flow & Record Triggered Flow
  • Build complex solutions without writing a single line of code
  • Q&A