Salesforce Territory Management: Overview, Features, Pros & Cons

Planning and establishing sales operations are among the foundation parts of any business.

Sales territories, which help in managing the sales, controls of the other parts of the business as well.

If not planned suitably could affect the business in the long run.

Traditionally, all these processes were previously done manually by people.

However, as technology began to enter the sales lifecycle, better alternatives began to replace the manual approach in sales.

Most organizations have complex mental standards using the best technology and CRMs’ to ensure territory development for the utmost excellence.

Small and medium scale businesses do not have the opportunity nor the resources to move in that direction.

From technology to finance, there are ample challenges that these businesses face when it comes to employing the best CRMs’.

Some common issues faced by the organizations in their sales territory setting:

1. Controllability

2. Uniform distribution

3. Cost over-utilization

Salesforce Territory Management

Salesforce territory management is a unique feature of salesforce for growth and production.

Streamlining sales activity is a tough job with various factors involved.

is efficiently answered by salesforce territory management.

Here needs to code is less but more time is being spent on developing the frameworks.

Territory management solves these business needs and provides a powerful solution for structuring your users, accounts, and their associated contacts, opportunities, and cases.

Territory Management in salesforce provides you with multiple options to create the territories by using the characteristics like territory type, territory type priority, territory Model, etc.

Salesforce enables you to create a customized system that can streamline your entire sales management and execution.

These illustrative and data-rich dashboards can reduce the time and effort taken to partake in decisions.

With Salesforce, you can watch your team’s productivity and company sales skyrocket.

Salient Features and Outcomes

The following are some of the best salient outcomes you can expect when you take up salesforce territory management for your organization.

1. Territory Hierarchy

The territory hierarchy shows a model’s territory structure and serves as its main interaction point.

Start from the hierarchy to create, edit, and delete territories; run assignment rules for territories, and navigate to territory detail pages for more information.

From the hierarchy, you can also assign territories to opportunities, run assignment rules at the model level, and activate or archive the model.

2. Territory Model State

Territory model state indicates whether a territory is in the planning stage, in active use, or archived.

You can have only one active territory model at a time, but you can create and maintain multiple models in planning or archived state to use for extra modeling or reference.

Some states reflect a territory model’s lifecycle and others indicate errors in processing when states are changed.

3. Access for Territory Records at different levels

You can choose the access level that users get to the opportunities assigned to their territories’ child territories.

You can also change the access provided by default settings when you create or edit a territory.

The territory’s access level is inherited by the parent territories above it in the territory hierarchy.

4. Default Territories in Salesforce

Each territory model can have up to 1,000 territories. If you’re using Developer Edition or Enterprise Edition, the maximum allocation is 1,000 territories per model.

If you’re using Performance Edition or Unlimited Edition, you can add up to 99,999 territories to a territory model by contacting Salesforce Customer Support.

Requests for more than 20,000 territories per model are subject to approval.

With a Salesforce territory model, organizations have a better chance of running an effective and efficient sales ecosystem.

Territory management solves a multitude of business issues, provides a powerful solution for structuring users, accounts, and cases.

By creating a customized system to streamline your sales lifecycle, it has proven to reduce the time and effort taken to partake in decisions.

In simple words, Salesforce monitors and improves the productivity and sales of your business and helps in grow rapidly.

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