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Salesforce Service Cloud can work magically for your business growth! Wondering How?

With Salesforce Service Cloud, you can undeniably upscale your business and offer much-needed comprehensive support to your customer base. It will not just make your processes seamless but also will contribute immensely to your overall success.

Our Services

The services we have been delivering over the years have proved beneficial for our clients in many different ways. You can choose the most suitable Salesforce Service Cloud, and we promise to deliver excellence.

salesforce service cloud consultant

Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting

Irrespective of your business size, type or model, we serve every domain with the right solution for Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting. Having in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the industry, we can provide the best customizations and offer you the wide range of available options. Our experts can guide you with the pros and cons to help you know this CRM with transparency.

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Our Team understands your business process to begin comprehensively with the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation. We make sure to leverage the best features of the Salesforce Service Cloud such that your business reaps the maximum benefits. With seamless implementation, we ensure that automation is sensibly infused in the workflow. Your business can be sure to offer an enduring customer experience over the period.

salesforce service cloud Implementation

Salesforce Service Cloud Migration

Service Cloud Migration needs to be holistic, agile and well-structured according to our Salesforce Service Cloud services. And we leave no stones unturned to achieve the same. Shifting, be it of any kind, is cumbersome, and experts make it hassle-free and glitch-free. We make sure your business process improves and becomes streamlined with secure, smooth and fast migration services.

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Offer an exceptional experience to your customers with seamless integration with the most exceptional third-party applications. Cloud and third-party application integration in Salesforce Service Cloud have been our forte for decades now, and our professionals strive to offer better every single day. Unified data view, better communication integration, more personalized services, and improved customer services are what we can promise you with Salesforce Service Cloud Integration.

Corporate Experience
Support Services

Salesforce Service Cloud Support Services

We are your one-stop destination for an instant as well as easy Service Cloud Support Services. Troubleshooting and system evolution are prompt making such that your core business profit does not suffer. Our experts even work on suggesting areas where they see some scope for improvements. We work in close association with our clients just the way we share long term relationships with them.

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Salesforce Service Cloud for your business: Right fit or not!?

Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud could be one solution for most of your business problems. Owing to a long of benefits it offers to most of the businesses out there, and it could be the right fit for you as well, if

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Salesforce Service Cloud Features

Unique features make Salesforce Service Cloud just the right choice. Right from personalization to automation, everything is possible here, which eventually changes the overall customer experience.

Agent Workspace

Agent workspace

Know comprehensive data of your customers with the help of all the available data and consolidating it at your agency workspace. You could incredibly add to the productivity with the help of AI as well as Automation tools. And using knowledge management to achieve quick case resolution also becomes possible. Customizing each channel as peruse makes the overall process efficient.

Knowledge Management

Knowing what they need as your customers might be difficult, but with Salesforce Service Cloud, you can consistently deliver them just what they are looking for. The features let the agent’s productivity reach a maximum level, looking for the right answers from the knowledge base. You not just help your customers right but also respond to the quickest.

Knowledge Management
Service Process Automation

Service Process Automation

Adapting to the new platform becomes easier for your business. Let your workflows be as seamless as possible. You need not sit down and code everything; it is just a matter of a click now. Complicated processes would be as easy as just point and click. Additionally, these features allow real-time update of the data across the platform, making every interlinked process easy, quick and accurate.

Omni-Channel Routing

Omni-Channel routing lets intelligently route the work. Routing the work to the most suitable, available employee is the best method to streamline the workflows. Along with that, it becomes easier for service managers to manage their teams efficiently. They can now keep an eye on everything going in and around. Even the agents can raise a flag when they need some help on certain conversations with the customers.

Omni Channel Routing
Service Analytics

Service Analytics

Happier customers, smarter managers and productive agents is no more a myth! You can focus on every single process related to support, even remotely. Anytime, from anywhere on any device! Diagnosis of service issues becomes most efficient. All the KPIs are visible under one roof. Get productive with the best-displayed analytics on your workspace. All this empowers your organization to work towards achieving happier customers.

Call Center Management and CTI Integration

Call Center Management and CTI or computer-telephony integration help in significantly lowering the agent’s average handle time. It lets the agents know who is calling well on time, with an instant profile screening showing the account record of the caller. Even agents can get calling instantly with clickable links. Additionally, it automatically logs all the calls, and agents will not have to take down notes of every single conversation.

Call Center Management
Visual Remote Assistant

Visual Remote Assistant

Real-time visual support lets users and agents connect with interactive guidance. Your team can engage more smartly with AI integration. Your agents can help customers from anywhere with easier ways to troubleshoot the problems. Scalable videos let you stay connected even with low bandwidth. Grow and achieve fast ROI with quick set-up and instantly launching the videos. Offer a better customer experience with the integration of all the customer data at one agile platform.

Case Management

The Case Management feature of Salesforce lets your customers connect with the best executive or agents. Choosing the suitable agent for specific customers helps businesses significantly. This data for case management can be easily added directly from emails as well as websites. Reverting the customers becomes quicker and accurate for the agents with the help of automation of emails based on the specific cases. Also, when needed, can trace data easily.

Case Management

Asset and Order Management

Infuse your asset and order management process with ease, clarity, and accuracy with Salesforce Service Cloud. Be relaxed even on your busiest days with the most streamlined, efficient as well as automated process. You can smoothly manage the orders visually with the help of comprehensive automation of processes such as order fulfillment, generation of invoices, and payment capture. Not just that, you can quickly handle complex orders, process payments automatically, and effectively handle cancellations & returns.

This is what we have worked for & we are proud of these as well!!!

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Explore the Most Asked Questions

Salesforce Service Cloud is a service management platform that helps businesses provide excellent and efficient services to customers. It makes the overall channel between you and your end-users smarter, faster, personalized as well as automatic.

Some of the fantastic benefits for companies offered owing to switching to Salesforce Service Cloud.

  •  22 % reduction in the overall support cost
  •  26 % increments in the retention of the visitors or clients
  •  28 % improvement in terms of agent productivity
  •  31 % quicker case resolution

Some of the main features of Salesforce Service Cloud which can benefits you are:

Agent workspace, knowledge management, case management, service process automation, Omni-channel routing, Service Analytics, Computer telephony integration (CTI), Asset and order management, Automation with macros, multilingual platform, customization for reporting, live agent web chats and many more. These features and many more additional benefits make it one of the most loved CRM globally, and businesses across various domains prefer choosing Salesforce Service Cloud for their businesses.

Let us talk about a real scenario when customers have questions, and it is required that your customer service team be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently. Customers are more likely to return to your product or service if your customer service is seamless.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, your agents and your business are empowered to deliver an outstanding customer experience, enabling them to work faster and more productively, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

Salesforce Service Cloud offers one of the most interactive and visually appealing dashboards and reports that can be customized. It helps your business gauge the service metrics and help in tracking the performance indicators, which are pivotal in deciding the customer success, satisfaction, and average handle time.

Along with that, the Dashboard at Salesforce Service Cloud is highly customizable to generate reports and offer visibility at a glance for all the data in real-time. These dashboards prove useful when you wish to drill down to fetch the information related to the performance of your client engagement center, help desk or even call center.

Everything could be done with a snap, and none of your resources is overloaded. Rather a quick and accurate is available in real-time.

Salesforce Service Cloud can be customized in many ways to suit your needs as per your business. And our team can help you with the comprehensive CRM solution, which is just designed keeping in mind your business needs. It aims at providing scalable business solutions, as well as leave scope for innovation. Let us talk about the service cloud edition and its suitability for your business.

Service Cloud Enterprise Edition is a complete solution that offers Lightning Console a multichannel view of cases with important features such as CTI integration, developer tools, knowledge management and many more. On the other hand, the unlimited edition offers you access to unlimited online training and round the clock toll-free support and much more.

Then there is the performance edition, which can help you excel in services and sales performance. It is a fully integrated service and sales solution which is built on the Salesforce Platform.

Of course! We offer you comprehensive support and services when it comes to Salesforce Service Cloud Integration services. It can be integrated with many back-office applications, and it assists your business process in many ways. Enhancing customer service and meeting their expectations is one of the top benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud Integration services.

Additionally, we can be innovative and create a customized platform to deliver enterprise security, scalability, and reliability. Your overall process becomes flawless, secure, and faster than ever with perfect Salesforce Service Cloud Integration services.

There is no fixed amount or pricing that we can quote in a go for Salesforce Service Cloud Integration services or any other Salesforce Service Cloud related service.

The reason being the pricing is a dependent value that varies based on many factors. One of the major factors being your business needs. The customization or development of Salesforce Service Cloud is based solely on your business needs, and hence, it is not constant.

If you want to start a project with us or have some queries, feel free to reach out to us. We are always there to help you. We are just a phone call away from offering you a personalized solution for your business needs.

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