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Salesforce Sales Cloud

An Introduction To Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the most trusted CRM platforms across the globe. The fully cloud-based platform allows you to:
We help you in implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud within your organization according to your specific needs and preferences. You can rest assured that our Sales Cloud implementation services will help you drive home more revenue and get the traction you have always desired.

Our Key Offerings

Streamlined Lead Management

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you manage all your sales leads in a streamlined, automated, and effective manner. We help you in
Our Sales Cloud services help you in nurturing your sales leads as they move along the pipeline and cater to pay personalized attention to them.
Group Management
Accounts & Contacts

Managing Contacts and Accounts

Salesforce Sales Cloud is all about managing the customer database to provide personalized services to your customers. Our services help you in managing your Salesforce contacts and accounts in a seamless manner.

The platform allows you to:

Managing Products and Opportunities

Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to identify and tap into opportunities to close more deals and drive home more revenue. We help you in:
Along with managing your sales opportunities, the Sales Cloud allows you to manage the products you offer to your customers.

Managing Quotes and Contracts

Our services are not limited to help you track your leads and tap into opportunities. Salesforce Sales Cloud can also be used for:
If you are willing to send/receive contracts, Sales Cloud allows you to do so with utmost ease and efficiency.

Managing Campaigns

Marketing and sales campaigns often possess high importance in boosting sales and acquiring more leads. By implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, we help you:
Managing Campaigns
Integration Management

Integrating Your Email and Website

We help you leverage your business processes by integrating your email and website with the CRM platform. To save the time and effort of your sales reps, you can easily integrate Salesforce with platforms like Gmail and Outlook. This prevents your sales team to keep switching platforms for undertaking business processes by providing them with a centralized platform.

Also, when you integrate your website with your CRM platform, you can keep a track of the actions performed by the visitors, the leads generated, the sales conducted, and much more on a single cloud-based platform.

Seamless Data Migration

Salesforce is all about data migration. Our services help you automate the process of migrating all relevant data from internal and external sources to your CRM database. While ensuring your records’ utmost security and privacy, we help you move data from one platform to another with speed and efficiency.

Seamless Data
Customized Development

Customized Development

We provide you with custom development services if you are willing to have greater control over your sales processes and want the CRM platform to be designed exactly the way you want it to be. Our Salesforce developers help you develop tools that are tailor-made for your needs and help you attain specific business objectives.

Why Should You Choose Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Services?

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud services are provided by a team of skilled and dedicated professionals. Right from development to adoption, our professionals will cater to your needs and guide you every step of the way. Our team comprises of Salesforce experts having years of experience in the industry. You can rest assured that their expertise will help you optimize your CRM platform.

Seamless Support

Whenever you face roadblocks while implementing or operating Salesforce Sales Cloud, we provide you with seamless and personalized support to assist you with the same. Our support executives will look into your issues and help you remediate it by providing the most suitable solutions.

Cost-effective Solutions

You can rest assured that availing of our Salesforce Sales Cloud services will not require you to spend a fortune from your budget. All our services are reasonably priced to provide you with quality services at decent rates. Once you state your requirements and the objectives you want to achieve, we would design a package that best suits your needs.

Holistic Solutions for Utmost Satisfaction

Our services involve undertaking a thorough research of the market you operate in and the history of your operations. We help you find loopholes and vulnerabilities within your platform to recommend Sales Cloud tools that provide you with the best results.

Helping You Close More Deals

One of the primary aims of our services is to help you leverage your sales processes and close more deals via Salesforce Sales Cloud. We ensure that the CRM platform helps you reach out to your prospects and nurture them using advanced automated tools.

Focus On Lead Generation

Most of our Sales Cloud services are focused on streamlined lead management. We understand the importance of generating and nurturing leads undertaking sales processes. We assist you in using the CRM platform to capture leads from various sources, add them to your sales pipeline, and nurture them until you convert the leads into loyal customers.

ROI-driven Services

We understand how important it is for an organization to obtain healthy returns on its investment in implementing a CRM platform. Our services are designed to help you get good returns on your investment by automating and streamlining your sales processes.

Providing Valuable Insights and Feedback

During and after implementing the CRM platform, we provide you with valuable insights and honest feedback about the same. Our team of professionals is highly approachable whenever you need data-driven insights about using your CRM platform. You can trust us for providing you with unbiased feedback to give you a complete picture of your Salesforce org and help you make important decisions.

Key Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

100% Cloud-based Platform

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a fully cloud-based platform that provides ease of operation to Salesforce users across the globe. This provides organizations with high flexibility and scalability. As opposed to on-premise implementation and operation, the platform makes it easier for your team to work from any location and at any time.

Once you have implemented the platform, all your team members need are their login credentials and an internet connection to start working. Irrespective of the device they work on and the location they work from, Sales Cloud users can stay in sync with their organization by working on a cloud-based platform.

Advanced Analytics

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides users with tools for undertaking advanced analytics. These tools help you make sense of your sales processes by tracking them and analyzing the data involved. The CRM platform allows users to create advanced reports and dashboards for summarizing specific activities and measuring the metrics that matter.

Advanced analytics, coupled with Einstein, the AI component of Salesforce allows Sales Cloud users to forecast sales, predict customer behaviors, and assess risks involved in carrying out the sales processes.

Provision For Email Integration

Salesforce Sales Cloud allows users to integrate their CRM platform with their email platform to work on a centralized user interface. This helps you in sending and receiving emails directly from Salesforce, without switching platforms for doing the same.

Approval And Workflow Automation

The importance of process automation has increased significantly over time. The Sales Cloud helps users save time and effort through seamless approval and process automation. This helps users in setting up automated flows to get specific processes approved and work done with little to no human interference.

Seamless Collaboration Via Chatter

On implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, users access Chatter, a social platform designed for seamless collaboration. Here, Salesforce users can connect and share relevant posts regarding the CRM platform, including lead statuses, task statuses, and much more.

Mobile Customization

Sales Cloud editions can be accessed through a highly responsive mobile application. It helps Salesforce users work on the go and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing

Sales Cloud

$ 25

User/Month, Billed Annually


Sales Cloud

$ 75

User/Month, Billed Annually


Sales Cloud

$ 150

User/Month, Billed Annually


Sales Cloud

$ 300

User/Month, Billed Annually


Let us quick start and getting running towards excellence

Explore the Most Asked Questions

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM platform that helps users in automating their sales processes and managing their customer databases to provide personalized services to their customers. It allows your sales reps to record, store, track, and analyze important records to boost your sales, close more deals, and drive more revenue home.

Sales Cloud helps users in managing their sales processes, such as lead management, generating sales reports, managing sales opportunities, handling contracts, etc. On the other hand, Marketing Cloud allows users to reach out to their prospects/customers across multiple channels and persuade them to engage with their business.

Despite the differences, it is highly advisable for users to combine the functionalities of Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to obtain a 360-degree view of the customers and provide them with holistic services.

The platforms to integrate Sales Cloud with depend on the processes you want to automate, the objectives you want to achieve, the customers you want to cater to, and several other factors. For example, if you are willing to send and receive emails directly from Sales Cloud, you can integrate the platform with Gmail or any other mailing platform.

Yes, we do provide support services for Salesforce Sales Cloud as and when you require them. Our salesforce experts will provide personalized solutions to your problems and provide robust administrative and development support for the CRM platform.

Yes, Salesforce Sales Cloud can be readily optimized for mobile phones and tablets by installing the Salesforce mobile applications. The app provides you with the same features offered by the desktop version.

You can rest assured that your data will be highly secure and private with Salesforce Sales Cloud. The layered approach to security by the Salesforce infrastructure keeps your valuable records safe. Also, the CRM platform allows administrators to set up roles and permissions to access specific datasets. This provides you with complete protection against threats like unauthorized access, data leaks, fraud, and other cybersecurity issues.

Our services are limited to helping you implement and operate Salesforce Sales Cloud. We do not provide a guarantee when it comes to increasing your revenue by using the platform. However, you can rest assured that all the tools and features of the Sales Cloud are designed to help you boost your sales.

The different objects in the Sales Cloud help you record and store specific details within your database and manage the same using CRM tools. For example, the Salesforce object of Leads stores information about the prospects that showed a slight interest in your offerings.

Based on your requirements, you can work with one of the two types of Salesforce objects – Standard Salesforce Objects (pre-built in Salesforce) and Custom Salesforce Objects (created by users).

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