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Automate All Your Marketing and Sales Activity Through Salesforce Pardot

Pardot Users Saw An Average 34% Increase in Sales Revenue Through Marketing Automation

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Salesforce Pardot Users Have Reported a 32% Increase In Sales Qualified Leads Than Before

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Engage Your Customers Better

Develop Impacting Campaigns

Streamline Your Marketing Activities

Create a smooth customer journey

Build Stronger Relationships

Create A One Of a Kind Digital Presence
Close More Deals

Than Ever

Pardot Is The One In All Marketing Automation Software That Your Business Will Ever Need

SP Tech Aids In Helping You Build And Develop A Highly Customized And Heavily Integrated Salesforce Pardot In Line With Your Business Requirements. Through Pardot, You Can Have:

Intuitive Campaign Set Up

Develop Campaigns That Promise Great Quality Leads. Pardot’s intuitive interface enables you to create and execute impacting marketing campaigns right from scratch. Save your audiences, analyze and forecast the quality of the leads and much more.

Lead Management

Aggregate and Segregate Your Leads In Accordance With Their Warmth and Priority Levels. Never miss out on opportunities that convert.

Sales Alignment

Centralize Your Sales And Automate To Optimize. No More Running Pillar To Post For Clearing Up Leads And Managing Your Sales Team. Lazy Long Spreadsheets Are A Thing Of The Past.

Email Marketing Set-Up

Craft And Send Emails That Convert. Better Open Rates and Higher Click-Through Rates Than Most Of The Email Campaigning Softwares Out There. Pardot Let’s You Put Your Email Marketing On An Autopilot And Yet Deliver Great Results.

Engagement Studio

Track Visitors, Engage With Them And Build Organic and Meaningful Relationships With Your Customers. See which visitor Spends How Much Time On What Pages. Leverage This To Create Highly Personalized Shopping and Service Experiences

Insightful Analytics

Grab Data, Analyze It And Create Actionable Layout Plans. Pardot is one of the most powerful consumer analytics there is. It will help you not only gather or analyze data but also aid in developing large scale campaigns based out of it

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Pardot, part of the Salesforce CRM ecosystem comes with integrated Artificial intelligence that will aid in providing you with a smooth navigational experience and also predict and give intuitive suggestions on how to use your data and benefit.

Landing Page and Forums

Build highly impacting Landing pages, engaging forums and much more for your marketing campaigns both programmatic and email or otherwise.

Closed-Loop Reporting

Are you getting sales qualified leads or just marketing qualified leads? Where is a leak? Track your visitors to understand where is a leak of leads, churn rates and more thanks to Closed-Loop reporting. It helps you single out a test prospect to understand the entire cycle.

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Why Choose Us For Pardot?

SP Tech Is Committed To Delivering Excellence. Pardot’s Intuitive Set Up Combined With Our Relentless Pursuit For Perfection Make Us Your Best Bet For Success.

Success in Numbers

SP Tech has helped 3X businesses so far in creating a digital ecosystem of their own through the power of Salesforce Community Cloud
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Increase in Overall Revenue

We Promise To Deliver

At SP Tech, we believe that trust is built through results and history. Our Portfolio Includes Some Of The Greatest Success Stories

At SP Tech, we believe that trust is built through results and history. Our Portfolio Includes Some Of The Greatest Success Stories

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