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Wish to be futuristic? Want to know the roles of Automation in Customer Acquires and Leads nurturing?

Let's Dive-Deeper & Explore Salesforce Pardot in the World of Marketing Automation.

We are talking about the leading marketing automation platform which adds to the power of a Sales team significantly.  

With the right use and comprehensive understanding of the SAAS (Software as a Service) marketing automation system, we can help your business take the sales and ROI to the next level.

In the dynamic world of Market Automation as well as, analytics, you would be incomplete without Salesforce Pardot. Your business irrespective of the size and model needs a robust & futuristic solution to stay ahead.

Gear up and let us together revamp your B2B business model with our extensive Pardot Salesforce Marketing Automation services.  

  • Centralize your business to add efficiency
  • Leverage the benefits of automation
  • Track all prospects to manage them effectively
  • Automate the process of managing reports
  • Plan, enforce and manage online marketing campaigns
  • Interact with your users efficiently
  • Customize to fit well as per needs

Salesforce Pardot is ‘THE Solution’ for you, you know why?

On-the-go Setup for Email Marketing

Pardot lets you send emails faster which are personalized too. You can use the email templates and set up for Email Marketing effortlessly.

Progressive Prospects & Customers Management

You can track the data pertinent to your customers or future leads not just to acquire by offering comprehensive services but also to retain them.

Track Your Performance to Maximize Roi

Your Marketing Campaigns are put there to be gauged in terms of performance and Pardot assists you comprehensively & boosts your sales.

High-end Client Segmentation

Every client is unique & valuable for your business, Pardot helps your efforts managing them be specific and relevant.

Go Smarter with Your Sales Decisions

Make informed and intelligent decisions with the right information to make communication with customers specific and accurate.

Master The Sales Funnel for Your Business

Your target audience needs you to be talking just to them, improving buyers’ journey for them encompassing every touchpoint & being personalized just the perfect way.

Manage Your Market Investments Better Than Before

Channelize your marketing investments effortlessly with the help of the most useful features of Pardot Marketing Automation solutions.

SP Tech and You Can Together Work Towards Achieving Your Business Visions

Our team of experts have expertise in offering the most robust Salesforce Pardot Consulting and services to help your marketing as well as Sales team grow and add to the ROI.

We can help you create exceptional emails without any assistance with the help of pre-formatted templates or even simple visual editors. Along with that, you can run A/B testing or view rendering reports to track your progress in a go with us.
Our experts can help in diagnosing the loopholes on time such that your customers retention improves. This can eventually prevent leakages in the Sales funnel and help you find the right fit for your ideal customer profile.
SP Tech can assist you in comprehending every client’s point of interest along with utilizing the alerts to distinguish between those who follow up in real time and those who do not.
We create a bespoke, automated engagement track to help you save your efforts and time such that you focus on most potential leads and prevent them from escaping from the funnel at early stages.
We offer access to all your reports such that you can showcase to your organization how well your automated marketing campaigns are performing and which are the touchpoints that need to be worked upon. Along with that you get an idea where exactly you are getting your leads from.
Our certified team of experts can assist you in easy collection of all prospect’s relevant data with the help of comprehensive analysis of forms and landing form. Along with that you can rectify your web pages with features which are result-driving for you.

Services that we offer to help you outdo your competitors in the world of Automated Marketing

Our Salesforce Pardot services are designed to keep track of your records as well as leverage them to provide the best services possible to your customers. With our Salesforce Pardot offerings, you can manage your high-volume B2B transactions, communicate with your prospects effortlessly, along with proper analysis of your performance.

Lead Generation

Using the advanced features of Salesforce Pardot, you can keep your pipeline filled with high quality leads which have more probability of turning into buyers. Our experts can help you understand the engagement level of your leads and thus narrowing these to fit in your Sales Funnel

Sales Alignment

Marketing automation can significantly improve the overall process and communication not just within the teams at your organizations but also help you in lead nurturing. This can overall help you save time and effort. Let us help you empower your brand with such features and help you become efficient when it comes to offering customers services and support. 

Lead Scoring

With the help of lead scoring services, you can be in sync with lead grading and can be sure that most of the qualified leads end up with actions in addition to profitability of your business. This value can simply help you be aware of the number of visitors who are interested in your product (s) or service(s).

Organic and Paid Search

SEM and SEM efforts along with integrated Google AdWords can help you have a clear picture of revenues. You can track everything with the help of natural search terms and analyze keyword performance to enhance your overall online performance and online presence can thus be improved as well.

Email Marketing

Create and send tailored emails for all your visitors, customers and many more. Pardot can help you draft content which is compelling and actionable such that it is made just for your clients. You can work with templates, scheduled emails and what not to embrace efficient communications. Overall, you can be specific while targeting the right audiences with Channelized efforts.


Custom reports can help you significantly in making predictions which can help you grow and succeed in future.
Use value insights to watch your performance and make no stones unturned with the most comprehensive, productive and futuristic forecasts. You can find patterns and trends to work on strategies which are unique.

Salesforce Engage

Salesforce Engage service could be your choice when you talk about selling smarter with the help of marketing automation. You can run campaigns in the most effortless manner with bespoke campaigns designed just for your business needs. Along with that you deliver an excellent buyer journey to close deals quickly with the help of content strategized just for marketing needs.

List Management

List Management can help you sort the suitable segment of leads based on specific criteria depending on your business needs. You can effortlessly manage your list of members, be it active or archived, along with that you can create test lists to see whether or not any particular criteria will work for your business.

ROI Reporting

Your performance when measured and tracked with the help of smart ROI Reporting, can help draw insights based on the comprehensive data. You can link your marketing efforts with the sales data such that it can help you close more deals. Also, you can include the customers back into the marketing efforts and a lot more.

Landing Pages and Forms

Landing Pages and forms which perform excellently, offer conversions and can be customized to speak for your business vision, is what you can plan with the help of Pardot. And our team of experts can help you with the same. You can focus on short, crisp and intuitive form designs for your customers.

Pardot Einstein

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with the help of Pardot Einstein for B2B marketers. Features such as behaviour scoring, Einstein Lead Scoring as well as Einstein Campaign Insights, you can utilize every data to carefully manage your leads and turn them into visitors. This can help in increasing your conversion rate and retention rates.

Salesforce Pardot and your business!? Do you fit well?

Are you looking forward to transforming your business model into an accurate as well as automated one? Pardot is a right solution for you. Not just that, it can help you streamline all your marketing requirements. 

It could be your thing in the following cases:

  • Are you a B2B business?
  • Are you involved in bulk orders?
  • Is your sales value high and database limited?
  • Do you deal in limited number of audiences?
  • Are you offering high valued service(s) or product(s)?
  • Are you looking for a hardcore sales platform?
  • Do you need a solution for keeping your Sales funnel in place?
  • Do you wish to be more productive when it comes to Sales and ROI?

Salesforce Pardot is definitely the right choice for you, when you need to grab more and more opportunities aiming at success in turning your leads into buyers.

Know more about a suitable plan and the pricing


$1,250 Intelligent marketing automation solutions
  • /month/up to 10,000 contacts
    billed annually


$4,000 Create & innovate with Artificial Intelligence & analytics
  • /month/up to 10,000 contacts
    billed annually


$15,000 Be future ready with analytics, support & enterprise ready features.
  • /month/up to 10,000 contacts
    billed annually

Do you think you know the market is affecting your ROI?

Pardot can help you get a proper insight on the ROI with its out-of-the-box and thoughtful reporting features.

ROI Reporting

While gaining insights from your data, measure and track campaign performance. Connect your closed leads to your marketing efforts. Examine a campaign’s success in terms of channel and initiative. Link your marketing efforts to sales data.

Lifecycle Reporting

Recognize how customers progress through your sales funnel from click to close. At a glance, assess the health of your funnel. Determine where opportunities are becoming stalled. Adapt your marketing efforts to close deals faster.

Advanced Email Reporting

View how customers interact with your emails at each stage of your campaign. SPAM analysis and rendering previews help you send smarter. Visual engagement reporting reveals what piques people’s interest. Clicks, opens, and other basic metrics are always available.

Link Your Favorite Tools

We continue making your care journeys much more customized and meaningful at every next level to let you deliver care meeting the expectations of people out-there.

Our customers love what we do

SP Tech has impacted over 3X in revenue around the world. Our contributions are quite evident in our customer success stories.

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Do you wish to start from scratch? Or are you looking for a solution to revamp your established set up for Pardot? Well, you can trust us in any case!


Salesforce Pardot is an exceptional and highly renowned marketing as well as business analytics platform/ tool that assists B2B businesses in reaching out to customers and streamlining a variety of marketing processes. Not just that, Salesforce Pardot also assists organizations in gaining the traction they desire, from effective lead management to the creation of personalized connections.

Whether you want to use Marketing Cloud or Pardot, you can make a choice depending on your business needs as well as the features offered by both the platforms respectively. Nonetheless, these two platforms have some basic differences which we have tried to mention here:

Salesforce Pardot is a marketing automation and business analytics platform which is designed for the companies that carry out their marketing processes in a B2B manner. Marketing Cloud, on the other hand, is a platform that assists users in streamlining their marketing processes in order to reach out to end customers using the B2C approach.

Hence you can make a choice, based on your business model and size.

Salesforce Engage is known for the smart features it offered to add to your Sales. Some of these are:

  1. With a library of marketing-approved templates and nurture tracks, you can deliver the right message every time and be a part of the campaigns.
  2. It helps you discover trends that helps close deals quickly. Reps can use interactive dashboards to track and control the success of their campaigns.
  3. With the help of Gmail & outlook support Engage, sending one-to-one emails from the email interface of your choice, while automatically logging interactions in Pardot and Salesforce become effortless.
  4. Understand every interaction so you can sell more effectively. View prospect engagement in real-time and know when to contact them.

There are many more benefits and features when it comes to Salesforce Engage. You can reach out to our experts to know more.

The list of Salesforce Pardot’s standout features are long, here are some of these features such as automated lead management and email marketing tools. I

It assists users in capturing sales leads, adding them to an automated sales pipeline, and nurturing them until they become customers. The email marketing tools enable your sales reps to communicate with leads, contacts, and accounts by providing pre-built templates, bulk messaging capabilities, and a variety of other features.