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Seamless Technological Integrations Like No Strings Attached

Sales Cloud Integration services to help you integrate data and apps from anywhere to anywhere for a smooth experience


Leverage the power of cloud integration and bring together different business processes under a single roof

More straightforward Integrations So You Can Deliver Better Experiences At Every Customer Touchpoint​

Cloud-based integrations enable you and your team to innovate better and faster, leading to rapid growth in business processes.

Bring Automation Into Every Experience

Integration cloud enables you to pull out the power of automation of the CRM into almost every customer process and experience you build for them. Automation lets you sit back while the systems function perfectly

Improve Applications With Einstein Analytics

Advanced A.I, along with Quip Live Apps, gives you the leverage to install complex applications and intuitive intelligence to pretty much any application. This aids in the overall improvement of the processes.

Smarter Decision Making

Integrations pull in data from everywhere. More data equals more opportunities for more thoughtful decisions. Smarter decisions equal better optimizations. Better optimizations lead to smoother business

Smoother Process

Better integrations lead to smoother processes. Seamlessly integrate and intricately weave together processes for improved productivity and reduced times for execution, be it for your employees or customers, or both.

Efficient Pipelining

Fire up your productivity and speed. Pipeline your leads, sales, calls, tickets, and pretty much everything through integrations. Bring in various remote processes into a single fold and thus operate better than yesterday

Leverage Third-party Apps Easily

Quip live apps and other highly customizable and interactive applications to optimize and better pretty much any business or development process. Navigate the murky waters with greater efficiency and speed.

Innovation And Development Through Out Of The Box And Unique Integrations

Through Integration Cloud Connect Various Applications Such as CRM, ERP and More Into Working As One Single Unit.

Integration Platform

Build an extensive network of enterprise-level applications for data, devices, and processes to communicate from anywhere and everywhere, thanks to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.

Integration Builder

Get an eagle-eyed view of your customers all from a single platform. Build a large and guided platform with a simple click-based UI that lets you view the entire customer profile and tie-ins on a single screen.

Integration Experiences

Join forces with the Salesforce customer data to create novel, personalized, and seamless customer experiences. Cross-sell better, display more and stronger relationships with customers through unforgettable experiences.

We Help Businesses Become Better

We have helped dozens of businesses to integrate some of their crucial business processes into a scalable path using the power of the Integration Cloud.
17 %
Increase in Overall Revenue

Customers Love Us For What We Do

Don’t just take our word for it. Our past customers have wonderful things to say about our services and we believe that trust is built through results and history.

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SP Tech helped increase my leads from 4-5 per day to 50 per day through Salesforce

Kathryn Cooper

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