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Timely, relevant communication plays a vital role in real-time patient engagement. With Salesforce Health Cloud, you can engage with patients well and offer them complete care throughout the process. Additionally, managing referrals becomes effortless. Care coordinators, service agents, caregivers could add value to the customized healthcare journey of the patients.

Take Digital Healthcare to the Next-Level!

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You can step ahead of the cumbersome practices for marketing, sales, and services to set your organization apart from others and offer the best-in-class services when it comes to healthcare. An all-integrated Digital Platform could be a life-saver for many out there. We can together build them better! Be it a commercial process or relationship with the provider.

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Need not these Landscapes be Messy anymore; as we can turn them Sassy! Attracting, retaining, and continuing with the customers is not a nightmare anymore with Salesforce Health Cloud. Personalized Care, streamlined processes, and effortless collaborations are the way to success and can surely add meaning to creating better relationships with members associated.

Automation, Streamlining, & Innovation in a go!

Clinical Research Organizations

Salesforce Health Cloud streamlines the overall processes right from enrollments to specific services. Let us mix some innovation and make the operations explicit yet straightforward. Each support program is build to render better results this way. Automation of the processes makes it easier for the organizations and the consumers when it comes to receiving healthcare services.
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Salesforce Health Cloud appears all shiny and glittery owing to the amazing list of features it has to offer you! Let us have a look at these:

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Our in-house teams make sure to offer comprehensive solutions which are powered by integration, collaboration, deployment etc.

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With our insightful solutions and services, you can be sure of offering improved digital interactions and enhanced engagements.

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Our process is unique & makes us a more suitable choice for our clients as experts have crafted it and religiously followed by our professionals.

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We continue making your healthcare journeys much more customized and meaningful at every subsequent level to let you deliver care meeting the expectations of people out there.

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Explore the Most Asked Questions

Your queries give us a hope that you have a vision for a better future. Let us resolve them together such that you can choose Salesforce Health Cloud without any second thoughts.

Salesforce Health Cloud is an expectational collaborative tool which helps in connecting Healthcare Service Consumers with the Healthcare Service Providers.
It lends an approach which is highly patient-centric as well as makes the overall care journey more easier to understand for those who are involved in helping the patients get the desired care.
Apart from adding meaning to the communication between patient as well as healthcare providers, this platform makes the overall process efficient with reduces changes of errors. This in turn proves life-saver for many out-there.

Salesforce Health Cloud lets the patients or customers have a data-model which is designed specifically making the overall process efficient and effortless. It uses clinical setting based on FHIR standards. This in turn reduces customization needs and hit-and-trial methods along with adding to continuous innovation with regular updates every year.

Here is a list of the amazing features of Salesforce Health Cloud:

a) Complete Patient View
b) Health Timeline
c) Patient Profile
d) Care Team Network
e) Intelligent Task Management (Today Page)
f) Care Team Collaboration
g) Concurrent Care Plans
h) Care Plan Customization & Management
i) Advanced Patient Segmentation and Lists
j) Risk Stratification (Einstein Analytics)
k) Lead to Patient Conversion
l) Health Cloud Empower: Mobile Components for Care Team and Patients
m) Lightning Experience
n) Householding Map
o) Assessments (Survey Functionality)
p) Field Service Lightning Integration
q) Individual Patient Model
r) Clinical Data Model
s) HL7 v2 ADT Adapter
t) EHR integration
u) HL7 integration and many more…

The cost of implementing Salesforce Health Cloud is based on the business requirements. And hence, giving an exact figure for the cost would not be easy. Nonetheless, we can guide you with the average cost of implementing Salesforce Health Cloud such that you have an estimate as to how much you might have to spend. The initial out-of-the-box configuration would take approximately 100-150 hours, which in turn depends on the expertise of the professionals you work with. To add to it, our professionals are highly experienced, quick an efficient enough to meet your business needs in a go! Also, the charges generally are based on the hours these experts spent, as they charge you hourly. The total duration for the final output/ project, based on your business need, might vary from 3 to 6 months for a mid-sized project. In case, you need more specific help for any of your queries, let us connect.

Salesforce is a renowned platform designed to make sure your data is safe and secure. The Salesforce Health Cloud is configured in such a manner that each bit of your data be it related to patient or any other data, it remains completed safe & secure. These cannot be accessed by anyone randomly, the whole process is very-much organized keeping in the privacy and security of your data. Hence, it can be said that your patients’ data will be secure as well as private on Salesforce Health Cloud.

In order to respect the privacy, security as well as the integrity of the healthcare data; Salesforce Health Cloud comes with HIPPA compliance. This compliance comes by default. Additionally, HIPPA is the only compliance which is most important when it comes the USA.

The License Cost of Salesforce Health Cloud is 150$ per user license per month. You can connect with our expert team for any more details around costing. They will be happy to assist you even for your other queries.

Health Cloud can be undeniably integrated with your EHR as well as other healthcare systems as per your need. It gives you holistic view of patients and you can utilize the pertinent information at the given time as per the need. Additionally, any modern integration- platform- as- a –service also known as iPaas lets critical information to flow effortlessly, quickly as well as securely

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