Build a community of your customers, For your customers

A single platform where all the stakeholders of your company can connect, collaborate and find each other to become big.

Transform Your Business Into An Experience Than A Simply Buy and Sell Transaction

SP Tech Helps You To Build A Single Point Ecosystem For Your Business Domain

Using The Salesforce Community Cloud, We Will Create a Community Platform Of Sellers, Vendors, Customers and Every Other Stakeholder In Your Business

Create A One Of a Kind Digital Presence

Create A One Of a Kind Digital Presence

Create a smooth customer journey

Assign Individual Priority Based Tasks

Choose From A Wide Range Of Templates

Choose From A Wide Range Of Templates

Develop Impacting Campaigns

Launch Your Brand Faster Than Ever

Launch Your Next Big Digital Presence or Your Very Own Digital Community In Just 5 Simple Steps

01. Pick A Suitable Template

The first thing you are going to do is pick a template. What is your business going to need from this platform? A platform central for partners? A forum for consumers to connect with each other? A place for people to buy and sell ideas and items? Templates are available for one thing and everything.

02. Choose A Theme Of You Like

From a wide range of vibrant themes, you can choose the one that reflects the most about your brand. The one that will bring out the true essence of what your business represents. This will put forth the idea of your brand to your consumers

03. Start Adding Contents, Components

Now that we have the look and feel of how the platform is going to be, we will now add components and content into the platform. This is like adding players to a game that is about to start

04. Create Processes and Connect Data

Now we create processes and journeys; create data repositories and specific user journeys. First, we create the processes and then connect all the data to them. This is basically adding the players and rules of the game and making them happen in real-time.

05. Launch to the World

You are now good to go. Once your processes and your data is connected to the components you’ve created, Your community/site is ready to be launched into the world and start working miracles
Salesforce   Lightning Bolt

Salesforce Lightning Bolt

Every bit of the Lightning Bolt is integrated onto the Salesforce CRM and the main platform seamlessly.

Salesforce ’s Lightning Bolt is a large yet portable library of templates and resources that are part of the Salesforce ecosystem. It will help you ideate, develop, build, launch and market products and even create a brand of your own through the sheer power of personalization and customization.

Success in Numbers

SP Tech has helped 3X businesses so far in creating a digital ecosystem of their own through the power of Salesforce Community Cloud
1 %

Increase in Overall Revenue

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

At SP Tech, we believe that trust is built through results and history. Our past customers have wonderful things to say about our services.

SP Tech helped us create a growing and thriving community

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