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Predict Favourable Outcomes By Churning Out Probabilities Through Raw Data

Einstein Analytics To Convert Raw Data Into Information

SP Tech Helps You Use Data From All Touch Points To Optimize All Your Business Processes Using The Einstein Analytics Cloud

Gather Data

Curate and accumulate data from various touchpoints. The platform does not discriminate between multiple disciplines & can be connected to various apps depending on the chosen data point.

Analyze Problems

Understand the data, bring out information, see holes, dots and discover problems. Seek out why a lag exists to reach success

Visualize Solutions

Create best-case scenarios. Map out possible solutions, utilize the power of AI and its intuitive suggestions to test different solutions repeatedly.

Optimize Processes

Use the tools of knowledge and strive to optimize and streamline your process and your personnel constantly.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Data-Driven Decision Making

Einstein Analytics comes with a wide suite of products that can help you understand your data better and come up with out of the box solutions

Sales Analytics

Calculate churn rates, understand leakages in your leads, pipeline your information better, and optimize your sales team performance to close more leads.

Service Analytics

Prepare your employees with data that turns your customer’s frown upside down. Find out what is going wrong and where to fix it pronto and become better every day.

B2B Marketing Analytics

Get closer to your accounts. Monitor your team’s progress, monitor for points capable of development and further optimization

Salesforce Einstein Discovery

Give Every Aspect Of Your Business The Power To Optimize For The Better

Einstein Discover enables analytics to help understand pretty much any and every part of your business

Industry Specific

Choose from an ecosystem of 19 industry disciplines to bring your marketing, sales, service, HR and pretty much every aspect of business together.

Seamlessly Integrate

Everything is cloud-based and Salesforce-driven, making the installation and integration of analytics for your business a piece of cake.

Better Adoption

Cutting edge technology that anyone can learn to ride in just a few days. No hassle and easy adoption of technology

Anywhere all the time

All Analytics apps are built mobile-friendly to connect to your business from anywhere and all the time.

Growth Cannot Lie

So far, we have helped businesses leverage their data to make better decisions and improve their processes using Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

1 %
Increase in Overall Revenue

Our Customers Are Our Liaisons

Building Trust through results and history. Our customers are live proof of the same, and we work towards building that for one and all, always

our customer

It was daunting to move from pie charts and bar graphs to numbers and data visualization models. SP Tech made it possible for us.

Austin S (Retail Business Franchise Owner)

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