Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Project Description

A Bethesda, Maryland based health care provide approached SP Tech to implement Salesforce Health Cloud across their four different Business Units. This includes seven clinics across Maryland and Virginia, Online energy shots, Lab and Pharmacy.

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About the client

Our Client is pioneer in medical field and more particularly in weight loss. They have helped thousands of people over the years to jumpstart their mind/body transformations through unique, time-tested methods. Based out of Maryland and Virginia, their clinics provide unique and customized weight loss programs. They include powerful prescription medications, fat-burning injections, long term hormone balance, and metabolism boosters

Platform Used:

Our Approach

Health Cloud Implementation
Security Model
Health Cloud Implementation

SP Tech was selected as a partner due to our experience on Health Cloud as well as our ability to design solutions that scale. During our discovery phase, we found and solved four problems to meet their budget and timeline

1. The current solution wasn’t built to scale:

Taking the time to analyze and understand the capabilities of their solution allowed us to discover that it wasn’t designed with scaling in mind. To build an application that could scale and create value, they required us to build it from scratch using Health Cloud as the base.

Key Features

Some key features required were not native to Salesforce Health Cloud and would require custom development. When situations like this occur, SP Tech works with our customers to understand the tradeoffs. As their Director of Product Management put it, “SP Tech was able to help us make smart decisions around customization efforts to maximize specificity while avoiding too much technical debt.”

2. The current processes weren’t built for scale:

Building for scale is paramount for a successful application. To build for scale not only requires developers to plan for handling large amounts of data, it also requires some fundamental changes to processes.

Key Features

SP Tech implemented standardized processes to provide structure and templates. These templates ensured greater accuracy in data and allow clients, practitioners, and new employees all to onboard faster and leave very less room for error. Their Salesforce Program Manager explained, “SP Tech eliminated redundancies, replaced manual workflows in Excel, email, and paper-based, and created data validation that didn’t exist before. It was really an engineering manager’s dream come true to have an incredibly knowledgeable team come in and set us up with the latest and greatest toolset, processes and architecture.”

3. Keeping current clients happy:

One of the most nerve-wracking moments for our clients is when systems are migrated over. There has to be close alignment on all fronts to ensure that this transition happens smoothly. If all these pieces aren’t orchestrated correctly, systems crash and cause frustration with their current customers.

4. Aligning with Salesforce:

Using our intimate knowledge of Health Cloud, we were able to quickly solve problems and adjust course as needed. It was important to not build a solution that would be outdated the moment it was released. To help assuage fears, we developed the entire solution using only Salesforce Lightning.

Security Model

The client asked SP Tech to design and implement a more efficient solution to manage four different business units & processes with Salesforce Health Cloud under same Salesforce Org.

The Final Results

Improved Care Quality

Improved care quality and increased the number of patients they could serve by 6x

Single System

Reconciled a multi-platform legacy system, pen, and paper patient information system to a single system on Health Cloud

Increased Customer Satisfaction by 20%

Customer satisfaction increased above benchmark levels; agent productivity multiplied more than six-fold; first-call resolution boosted 20%

Improved Productivity by 24%

Improved data quality, eliminated redundancies, and built a platform to truly scale.

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