Transforming Insurance Industry, Focusing on Client Experience!

Do you have the ability to interact with your customers in a smart, integrated, and personalized way? If you replied no, you’re missing out on possibilities to expand your company, and it’s time to speak up.
Transforming Industry

Bid Goodbye to common Insurance Industry Challenges!

Salesforce has answers to the problems that the insurance business faces on a daily basis. It provides instruments to satisfy the demands of the modern policyholder at a time when speed and quality of customer service are more critical than ever.
Customers and agents can use the system’s important functionalities from any location and at any time.
Working with or for your organization is much easier with self-service, configurable templates, and simple analytics.
Be a vital partner for every policyholder thanks to automatic notifications, referral management, and insurable asset data.
Be able to sell more and better by combining data from several departments and integrating partners and independent agents.
User-friendly interface and the automation of time-consuming chores make A-class staff feel more productive and willing to stay for extended periods of time.

Features that offer Self-service, efficiency, improved transparency, and much more.

Effortless Claim

Effortless Claim Managements

For managing multiple claims, obtain automated estimates using system integrations, then use approval flows to submit them for approval, disapproval, or any additional evaluations.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Use dashboards to track the number of claims, the yearly contract value for a client’s portfolio, or to search the knowledge base for clients and policy types in real time.
Dashboard Details
Real Time Document Management

Real-time Document Management

Utilize bespoke document generators to eliminate the time-consuming process of producing contractual documentation while decreasing errors and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Self-service enabling Portals

Customers should be able to use self-service capabilities to check their KYC status or track their claims through customer portals, as well as stay informed about policy renewal dates and maturity.
Enable Self Service
Automated Billing

Fast and automated Biling

Automate the payment and renewal process, as well as establish reminders, to ensure that your customers don’t miss any premium installations, so extend the policyholders’ lifetime value.

Customized Marketing Solutions

Personalize marketing and customer service by creating individualized up-sell and cross-sell campaigns based on medical conditions, current treatment plans, and previous contacts.
Customized Solutions

Salesforce + Veruna Integration

Salesforce to Veruna
The Salesforce Veruna Integration can be a huge help if you work in the insurance industry. By integrating the two systems, you can streamline processes and increase efficiency. In addition, the integration can help you to manage data more effectively and make better use of customer information. With the Salesforce Veruna Integration, you can make your insurance business more efficient and effective. Want to know more?

What can you expect from Salesforce for Insurance Industry?

Tracking like never before!

Carriers, distributors, Policyholders, MGAs, Brokers, wholesalers, retailing firms!? Insurance is one of the most complicated business models out there, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Salesforce allows you to streamline your data and reduce your business to a few clicks.

Predict and stay ahead!

Calculate predicted commissions automatically and compare them to actual commissions. Payments to brokers and internal sales people can be split easily.

Everything under-one-roof!

Create a single source of truth to connect your sales, underwriting, and claims departments and eliminate information duplication and inconsistency.

Add to the prospect quality & quantity

Give producers tools to find new prospects, find whitespace possibilities, and get more brokers of record letters. All this much efficiently.

Why choose us?

SP Tech has been the choice of Top-Notch service Providers in Insurance Industry owing to convincing reasons. Are you aware of these?

Dedicated Teams

Our in-house finance experts make sure to offer comprehensive Salesforce solutions which are powered by integration (as per business case), collaboration, deployment etc. owing to excellent insurance domain expertise. 

Improve your Digital Interactions

With our insightful solutions and services, you can be sure of offering improved digital interactions and enhanced engagements.

Unique and Thoughtful process

Each project is handled by a dedicated solution architect and the process driven project management makes it possible to deliver excellence. We operate and respond during US business hours. 

Deliver Excellence with us

We continue making your healthcare journeys much more customized and meaningful at every subsequent level to let you deliver care meeting the expectations of people out there.

Some problems and the apt solutions we offered to our clients

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Building Trust & Transforming Financial Businesses with Salesforce With Salesforce, make faster and wiser decisions for your business.


Salesforce for Insurance industry is one of the best choices. Your insurance firm can revolutionize the way it manages customer connections with Salesforce CRM driving insurance agents and customer service. Salesforce isn’t just for insurance companies. It’s cloud-based software that adapts to your industry’s changing needs, boosts productivity, and increases profits.

Well, there is a long list of benefits your business can expect from Salesforce CRM for the Insurance Industry. Let us explain some of these:

CRM integrates and stores all information on customers, including contacts, orders, transactions, health plans, past interactions, and policies in a database.

Lead management – From promotional campaigns through conversion, CRM records and retains the data of incoming leads. These people are up to date with current events and activities, as well as papers pertaining to potential clients.

Task formulation – CRM automated insurance software uses dashboards to organize and manage the entire sales process. The application creates and updates tasks in real time.


Problem reports – The apps generate accurate messages that are free of human mistake, ensuring that you receive the information you require in time.


Email tracking – This module, which is available as an add-on, provides tasking, reporting, and analysis functionality for your email campaigns.

SMM processing – This add-on application keeps track of likes, reactions, comments, and orders for your company’s social media profiles.


Mobile apps, as the second tier of insurance commission programs, give staff and users more control.

We believe your business needs and problems are unique. And hence we offer you solutions which are made just for you. This could include customization of Salesforce platform, or integration of third-party applications and much, all depending on your needs. All our solutions are personalized to every client. Our experts will connect with your team and will take down every detail possible. We then research and come up with a solution which is right-fit for your business. This helps you see results within some time. 

Each client, their needs, and our service are distinct. As a result, the time it takes to implement Salesforce for Insurance Industry varies depending on a variety of criteria. For example, if a client requires out-of-the-box Salesforce configuration, we may complete the deployment in a few weeks. However, if a data migration is needed agency management systems such as QQCatalyst or better agency, the procedure could take anywhere from one to two months.  

We occasionally need to integrate with other third-party apps, such as DocuSign, Twilio, Adobe Sign, Zero Bounce, Smarty Street, Calendly, and others, which depend on the business needs. In such a case, the time needed varies from business to business.  

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists, who will be pleased to help you find the best solution for your company’s needs. They will also be able to estimate the time required for financial cloud implementation based on your company’s requirements.