What’s Einstein Next Best Action?

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Salesforce’s Einstein Next Best Action (NBA) is a powerful tool designed to guide organizations in delivering tailored and timely suggestions to their users, enhancing customer experiences and boosting efficiency.

Einstein NBA is not just another feature; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers you to develop personalized recommendations and implement them seamlessly. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of Einstein NBA, understand how it works, and explore how it can benefit your organization at every stage of the setup process. So, let’s begin our journey to discover what Einstein NBA has to offer.


When recommendations are shown to users, they can accept or reject them. Every suggestion has a picture, essential text components including button text and a description, and a flow that is assigned and activated in response to a user’s reaction. They can be assembled manually while formulating a plan or saved and referred to in the Recommendation standard object.  


Using your data and business processes, strategies choose which recommendations to show users. For example, a strategy is assigned to a location when Einstein Next Best Action is set up on a page, and this strategy determines the recommendations that are displayed there.  

Even if your organization has a lot of recommendation records, you can always choose which ones are displayed. Strategies can filter suggestions based on any accessible value, including fields connected to the running user, fields related to the record that is now being presented, and fields related to recommendation values.  

Set Up Your Automation and Recommendations in Advance 

Determine where, to whom, and under what circumstances the advice appears. Make a strategy for the automation you want to activate when a user accepts the suggestion. 

Create a Flow 

Create the flow that executes when a user accepts or rejects the recommendation in Flow Builder. Only screen flows and auto launched flows may be assigned to a recommendation. Users are not shown the recommendation if a dead or incorrect flow is allocated. 

Formulate a Plan 

Use Flow Builder or Strategy Builder to develop your strategy after you’ve created a flow and have a plan for your suggestion records. You can design strategies in Strategy Builder, but we advise building them in Flow Builder wherever possible using the Recommendation Strategy flow type. 

  • Only strategies made in the Strategy Builder can make advantage of certain features 
  • Limiting the number of times some recommendations are broadcast 
  • Displaying recommendations on a site outside of Experience Cloud 
  • Presenting AI-generated advice from Einstein Builder of Recommendations 

These are the steps to building a strategy in Flow Builder. 

Click New Flow on the Flows page under Setup. 

  • Select the Recommendation Strategy category after choosing the All + Templates tab. Click Create after selecting the Recommendation Strategy flow type. 
  • To retrieve information from Salesforce records, such as the Recommendations object or an object relevant to the record that is now being displayed, add Get Records elements. To restrict which recommendations are saved in the element’s collection, use condition requirements in the Get Records element. Alternatively, you may use the Recommendation Assignment element or a unique Apex invocable action to create suggestions using additional data. 
  • To reduce the number of recommendations that consumers view, add logic components. To organize and narrow down the Get Records collection’s recommendations, use the Collection Sort and Collection Filter elements. You can add more Flow components like Decision and Loop to implement more complicated branching logic. 
  • To set suggestions in the output Recommendations collection, add the Assignment element. Einstein Next Best Action only shows recommendation records from the output Recommendations collection when executing a strategy created in Flow Builder.

Show Upcoming Best Actions 

Select a page to run your strategy on and show your recommendations after developing it. Depending on where you want recommendations to display, you can use a Lightning record page, an app’s home page, an Experience Cloud site page, a Visualforce page, or an external site.  

Next Best Action Component after Einstein 

Use the Einstein Next Best Action component on the majority of Lightning pages in your Salesforce org, such as record pages, home pages, and app pages, to show users recommendations.   

Recommendations Component

To show suggestions on Experience Cloud sites, use the Suggested Actions component. Only strategies generated in Strategy Builder can be run by this component.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I customize the appearance of the recommendations shown to users?  

Yes, you can customize the text, images, buttons, and overall layout of the recommendations to match your branding and user experience. 

Can I control which recommendations are displayed to users?   

Absolutely! Strategies allow you to filter and choose which recommendations are shown based on various criteria, such as user fields, record fields, or recommendation values. 

Can I show recommendations on external websites or Experience Cloud sites? 

Yes, you can display recommendations on external sites by using the Suggested Actions component, which runs strategies created in Strategy Builder. Additionally, Experience Cloud sites can also leverage the component to show suggestions.


In conclusion, Einstein Next Best Action empowers organizations to deliver personalized recommendations and automate decision-making processes. By following the outlined steps, you can develop tailored suggestions for your users and implement strategies that choose which recommendations to display based on data and business processes. With the flexibility to customize the appearance of recommendations, control their visibility, and utilize automation, you can create a seamless and engaging user experience. Whether it’s on Lightning pages, Experience Cloud sites, or external websites, Einstein Next Best Action provides a powerful solution to guide users towards the next best action, enabling organizations to enhance customer interactions and drive success. 


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