What is Salesforce CPQ and How Does Salesforce Work?

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The sales representatives have a variety of tasks at hand, and better management of these tasks results in more productivity. These tasks primarily include preparing proposals, quote generation, and getting approvals.

Salesforce CPQ is an amazing extension for overcoming hurdles in sales procedures and getting great outcomes.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ is an abbreviation of configuring, price, and quote. It is an extension of the Salesforce CRM, and its purpose is to speed up the sales process and make it easier.

CPQ is a native unit of Salesforce that is responsible for the automation of generating and processing quotes, orders, and contracts. This tool is an excellent solution for generating quotations that are accurate and precise.

Salesforce CPQ
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The quotes can be configured and priced from any device, making it more convenient for businesses of all sizes. The users can close deals quickly and seamlessly with the utilization of Salesforce CPQ.

The setting up of the Salesforce configure, price and quote extension takes several minutes only. Salesforce tool help enterprises in the deliverance of the quotes of products to brands faster.

Embed extension with pre-built features and functionalities making it one of the top choices among businesses. This tool helps point out cross-sell and up-sell areas in your business and cater to your catalog according to business needs.

How Does CPQ Work?

The completion of a project involves several phases. It involves planning, requirement gathering, design, development and maintenance. The Salesforce CPQ comes in handy during the entire process. The working of CPQ is mentioned as following:


When a customer asks for a software product or service, the information is entered into the Salesforce CPQ by the sales team. It is done with the help of dynamic guidelines. Then they coordinate with the product managers and design team to plan the product.

The requirements are analyzed and forwarded to the concerned department to proceed to the next step.


The next step performed by the CPQ is to generate quotes. The pricing is determined based on the details provided by the customer. The discount receipts can also be updated n this section to take effect in the final pricing.


After the price of each service or module is defined and discount approval, the customers can see the quote. This section also provides the details on terms and conditions.

The customers can bargain and add their comments to the quote before sending it back. Then the sales team sends the final quote for signature. The details are then shared with all the concerned teams so that the project can be initiated.

Salesforce CPQ Benefits

Salesforce CPQ is responsible for streamlining all the integrated processes involved in the sales lifecycle. With a few clicks, you can perform major sales functionalities with efficiency and precision.

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The process involves clicking on the products for configuration, pricing the order, and then generating an accurate quotation. The traditional applications lack the robustness offered by Salesforce CPQ.

The sales staff can access this tool from anywhere as it is cloud-based making it easily accessible 24/7. The guidelines provided throughout the sales process help the sales staff reach out to the most relevant product or service for each user.

The searchability is google-like and offers products and services suggestions for each searched term. It results in improved productivity as less time is spent on searching for products.

This amazing salesforce extension also handles the pricing of single or multiple products and the application of discount rates. Other options include prices of pre-negotiated contracts, large volume discounts, number of subscriptions, prices of channels, and partners.

This tool helps the sales team to maintain the prices of the products and application discounts with defined rules. It results in the generation of customer-centric quotes.

Configure, Price, and Quote Features

The features of Salesforce CPQ present users with a superior solution for managing their sales procedures and getting an increased ROI. The main features include:

  • Generating prices and quotes
  • Managing orders and renewals
  • Configuration of products
  • Effective and practical guidelines for selling products
  • Generation of proposals
  • Management of contracts
  • Generating invoices
  • Subscribing bills
  • Making and tracking payments
  • Management of sales tax and VAT
  • Recognizing revenue-generating elements


Salesforce CPQ is a perfect solution for the seamless and accurate generation of quotes for new orders. We offer superior salesforce consultancy services and helps their esteemed customers in the generation of sales quotes.

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