Top 11 Extensions for Salesforce Developers

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Extensions are computer programs that let users personalize their Chrome surfing experience. They are created using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. documentation for those who create Chrome extensions. 

Here are the top 11 Extensions for Salesforce that make working with it more delightful. 

  1. Salesforce Inspector
  2. ORGanizer for Salesforce
  3. Salesforce Mass Editor
  4. Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce
  5. Salesforce Enhanced Formula Editor
  6. Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce
  7. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher
  8. Salesforce Community Page Optimizer
  9. Salesforce Show Api Name
  10. Crazy Compare For Salesforce
  11. Salesforce Id Clipper

Salesforce Inspector 

  • To evaluate data and metadata straight from the Salesforce UI, administrators and developers can use productivity tools. 
  • To increase efficiency and fun in Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work, an extension is being added that will provide a metadata layout on top of the default Salesforce UI. 

ORGanizer for Salesforce 

You can forget your® username and password with the ORGanizer Chrome Extension (BETA) 

Salesforce ORGanizer allows you to: 

  • Save your commonly used accounts (the guide includes specifics on basic password encryption): login URL, username, password, and landing page 
  • Login to an account in incognito mode in a new tab, window, or window, or retrieve the whole login URL for other browsers. 
  • Modify an ORG tab’s title to make it easier to identify which tab belongs to which ORG. 
  • Utilize the built-in Quick Link tool to access your most frequently used standard Salesforce links; establish your own ORG’s quick link library to manage unique links. 
  • Make a global search using the Quick Links feature, or open a custom relative link (for instance, using a copied Salesforce ID), or sign in to another ORG. 
  • To quickly access the description manager, queries, execute anonymous, and other useful tools, use the Quick Console directly inside your Salesforce tab. 

    Salesforce Mass Editor 

    On any list view, you can mass create, mass update, mass clone, and mass delete. Support for both Lightning and Classic! 

    A straightforward but effective Chrome addon for the following tasks is Salesforce Mass Editor: 

    • Enables any list view in Salesforce to function as a strong mass editor. 
    • Mass update, mass delete, mass clone, and mass insert. 
    • Mass copying and pasting data from several rows and cells in Excel. 
    • Export data from list views to a CSV file. 

      Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce 

      This plugin examines any two objects or their records (which could be from the same organization or from separate organizations) and emphasizes any differences it discovers. You can see the following from it. 

      • Which fields the target organization is missing. 
      • Which fields in the source org are missing 
      • Which fields have different metadata (change in formula, datatype, required etc.) 
      • Which fields have data value inconsistencies 

      Salesforce Enhanced Formula Editor 

      This extension offers a free 14-day trial but requires a paid license key subscription. 

      • Provides syntax highlighting, autocomplete, formatting, field analysis, and syntax checking to improve Salesforce formulae. 
      • Utilize this addon when dealing with Salesforce formulas to save time and hassle. It enables you to quickly comprehend a Salesforce formula’s structure, troubleshoot it, and update the formula. 

      The extension is updated to support the most recent API versions and formula functions throughout each Salesforce quarterly release. 

      Among the editor’s features are: 

      • Syntax highlighting 
      • Tabbing (tab and shift-tab) 
      • Parentheses matching 
      • Format button
      • Autocompletion 
      • Review Changes 
      • Automated Syntax Checking 

        Formula pages now have a new “Analyze Fields” button that loads information about the formula’s fields. Field information includes: 

        • Field type 
        • How many times it is used 
        • Formula field compile sizes 
        • Field record values 
        • Picklist values 
        • Sub formulas 

          Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce 

          Salesforce offers a great security model for trusted systems and two-factor authentication. But occasionally it can be difficult. 

          • You can “whitelist” a user’s IP address under Setup => Security Controls => Network Use if you want to make sure that they can access Salesforce without a verification code or security token. 
          • Enter this extension: Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce if you have a large number of IPs to whitelist, you wish to whitelist dynamic IPs, or you just want to completely ignore this requirement! 

          Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher 

          You can obtain your code a few clicks shorter by using the advanced quick find. You also can search any string using your code, now accessible on Lightning too. 

          You may search your code components in your salesforce instance using this extension: 

          • apex Classes 
          • Apex Triggers 
          • Visualforce Pages 
          • Visualforce Components 
          • Lighting Component  

            Along with the aforementioned, you can use this extension to skip to classes, pages, and triggers from the advanced quick-find section on the left. 

            Salesforce Community Page Optimizer 

            Examine, fix, and enhance the functionality of your Lightning application (Developer Preview) 

            Your lightning-based communities and applications are examined by the Salesforce Community Page Optimizer (Developer Preview) to find opportunities for performance improvement. Utilize the data to enhance your design’s performance for your members. 

            Salesforce Show Api Name 

            This repository is a Chrome addon that displays the names of the field and object apis on record detail pages. 

            Names of Field & Object APIs are Displayed on Detail Pages (LEX & Classic). 

            Crazy Compare For Salesforce 

            Using the Crazy Compare Salesforce addon, you can quickly compare two distinct profiles and spot differences. 

            Quickly spot variations between two distinct Salesforce profiles by comparing them. 

            For all consultants, developers, and admins. 

            Salesforce Id Clipper 

            This Chrome Extension connects to, and it has recently been updated to include Lightning and Communities. 

            helps you copy URLs to your clipboard and IDs from records. 

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