A Guide to Salesforce ZeroBounce Integration

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In today’s world, Email is like our new identity. If we want to communicate with a person whether known or unknown, email plays a crucial role. Email communication is the best for the growth of the business.

While you use a powerful CRM like Salesforce, it is important that you focus all your efforts on credible data and run your campaigns for valid emails.

With emails, we get leads and prospect customers, we can provide better service(s), implement easier and optimized case management functionality, and much more. It requires fewer resources to establish communication. So, it is important to make sure we have a valid email address. Authenticating the bulk email addresses manually is not feasible and there you need a third-party app. ZeroBounce could be the right solution for you in these situations.

ZeroBounce fills this gap. ZeroBounce is an API that is used for email validation across different platforms including Salesforce.

What is ZeroBounce API? And What Are its Features?

For email validation, we can use ZeroBounce API. It operates both in bulk as well as in real-time. It also gives IP address validation. It verifies the key recipient demographics and can add missing information on certain emails, such as the name, gender, and location of the owner. It is the most secure email validation system. It is registered with the BBB. It is approved for the EU Privacy Shield.

  • Validate: – Verify email in real-time.
  • Score: – I. email scoring system to find out quality score for each contact in your list. The higher the score, the more people will engage with your emails.
  • Test: – Is your email in perfect shape? Test it before you send it, mail server tester detects misconfigurations.
  • Monitor: – With blacklist monitoring we get real-time blacklist monitoring, Protect domain, IP address, and mail server reputation.

API types provided by ZeroBounce:

Single/Bulk Email validation API

This API allows us to validate the email addresses.

Get Credit Balance (v2)

This API will tell us how many credits we have left zeroBounce account. It’s easy to use, fast, and simple. 

Send File (v2)

The send file API allows us to send a file for bulk email validation. 

File Status (v2)

The file status API returns the file processing status for the file that has been submitted using the send file API. 

Get File (v2)

The Get File API allows us to get the validation results for the file you have submitted. 

Delete File (v2)

The ‘Delete file’ API deletes the file that we submitted. We must ensure that the file is only deleted when ‘status’ is Complete. 

Deliverability Tools provided by ZeroBounce: – 

Email Server Tester: –

This Platform analyzes email headers according to the best practices set by mailbox providers to ensure that our mail server is configured and set up correctly. 

Inbox Tester: – 

This test will allow you to send an email to different mailbox providers around the world and quickly check to see the placement of that email.

Blacklist Monitoring: –

This service will allow us to verify status of email on over 200 different blacklists. And if our domain or IP is flagged, we will know which blacklisting company to contact for delisting. 

How Can ZeroBounce be used for email validation in Salesforce:

  • Input URL: –

https://api.zerobounce.net/v2/validate?api_key=APIKEY&email=valid@example.com&ip_address=<IP Address>

  1. A user adds/edits the email field with a valid email

a. Input – Valid email

b. Output – Returns Status as “Valid”

    Valid email status
    • Save

    1. A user adds/edits the email field with an invalid email

    a. Input – Invalid email

    Gmail id
    • Save

    b. Output – Returns ‘Email Status’ & ‘Email Sub Status’

    Mailbox status
    • Save

    c. Input – Invalid email

    Email Test
    • Save

    d. Output- 

    Email Spamtrap
    • Save

    What are the benefits of integrating ZeroBounce with Salesforce?

    ZeroBounce API detects more than thirty (30) types of risky email addresses, helps to maintain your email hygiene for a longer period, and prevents them from getting on to your list.  It can reduce or eliminate invalid, abuse, complaint, inactive, and spam-trap email addresses. It can process 80-100 million emails in a day.

    • For generating useful statistical information and to track the number of email validation credits in a defined timeframe.

    Final Words on Salesforce ZeroBounce Integration: –

    • It has an extra layer of security because it serves as two-factor authentication. If identity is legitimate, it double checks our identity by an authentication mechanism.
    • Setup ZeroBounce notifications to know when your email list is ready for download or when your account is accessed by a new IP address?
    • No one can access the account without authorization by the organization.
    • We will be able to get a clean email list.
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