Salesforce Twilio Integration: A Guide for Easy Integration

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In this era, smartphones created a new revolution. It brings a novel approach to our communication habits. Today SMS is a valuable tool for sending pin codes and verification requests which adds extra security to our financial services. It also plays a crucial role in our daily communication with friends, family, and businesspersons. It takes a new revolution to establish customer communication. In the past few years, the number of mobile users counted to around 5 billion around the world, and SMS is considered an effective way to connect to the entire world.  That brings the need for a tool and Twilio comes into the picture. 

What is Twilio? 

Twilio Unlock the magic of communications to improve our communication experience. Twilio has a whole host of APIs, like Wireless, SMS, Voice, video, and email. It establishes world communications through API’s. It is amazingly simple to use for developers. Twilio has enabled leaders of organizations to reinvent how companies engage with their customers. 

Salesforce and Twilio 

When you are leveraging Salesforce in order to grow your business, it is important to keep a track of communication with the clients or customers in real-time. However, doing it manually is inefficient and might lead to a lot of tedious efforts in vain. Nevertheless, Twilio is a powerful tool with the help of which you can change the whole scenario of communication with customers.   

It can help you reach out to the customers in a more scheduled and personalized manner, along with that it assists in keeping track of all the communication from their end. Overall, it can help you with a right-fit solution to gauge the customer’s journey at every step in a personalized manner.  

How does Twilio solve the problem? 

Twilio recognized that the internet did not have the same complications as the telephony network, but that there was a significant obstacle to overcome, such as the fact that the internet was not connected to the telephony network. As a result, it offered a bridge between the carriers and the internet after a lot of difficult labor. Dedicated connections to the carriers are used. Twilio does not exist in the void between telecommunications and the internet. Twilio’s whole infrastructure was built on the internet.  

The process begins with the phone number. A Twilio phone number gives a virtual environment on the physical telephony network. Developers can use Twilio numbers in several ways. The two basic products are voice and messaging communications. 

What are the features of Twilio? 

Programmable Messaging:-  

Twilio Programmable Messaging can send and receive SMS is more convenient and easier. It can track the delivery status of SMS. It can establish auto messaging like chatbot which looks real and natural conversation. It has an inbuilt AI system (Autopilot). It can send international messages in two ways application-to-person (A2P) or person-to-person (P2P) SMS messages. It can automatically convert MMS to SMS when the destination source does not support MMS. 

Programmable Voice: – 

We can quickly make and receive voice calls in our application. With Twilio Programmable Voice can automate Surveys, Call Forwarding, Call Tracking, Conference, and Broadcast. It can warm transfer like transferring the call from one agent to another. 

Twilio Runtime: – 

Communication based application is unpredictable due to traffic and proper scaling for spikes is also difficult. Runtime is a serverless environment for our Node.js code and static files that handle hosting, maintenance, and scaling. So that we can focus on our application code and not worry about server uptime. 

Twilio Video: – 

Twilio Video is a cloud platform that we can use to build real-time video applications using programs or code. We can make video chats with WebRTC Go at no cost or build larger multi-party group rooms. This platform provides the facility of REST APIs and SDKs for JavaScript, Android, and iOS. 

Studio: – 

Twilio Studio, a low-code/no-code application builder, allows builders to graphically develop, amend, and manage communication workflows, allowing them to unleash their creativity.

Phone Number Lookup: 

The API validates whether the mobile number is valid or invalid.  

It also returns supporting information related to the carrier & geographic location of the valid mobile number. 

Input parameter: Mobile Number, API Keys 

Output parameter: Valid (True or False), Type, Carrier Name, Mobile, Country Code, etc. 


  1. Scenario no. 1 – Whenever a user adds/edits the Phone number field with a valid number, Twilio populate the carrier type & carrier name (if Twilio has a record of it). 
  • Input – 7349303030 (Dominos US) 
  • Output –

Output 1
  • Save

  1. Scenario no. 2 – If a user updates the field from a valid number to an invalid number, it will blank out the carrier type & name. 
  • Input – 1234567890 – Invalid 
  • Output –  

Output 2
  • Save

Conclusion: – 

  • Easily validate phone numbers. 
  • More cleansed database. 
  • Business growth can be increased by 33% 
  • Increased productivity for employee by 37%. 


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