Salesforce Summer 23 Release Alert

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Salesforce produces three major new releases each year: spring, summer, and winter. Each version contains a number of upgrades and additions that have a variety of effects on Salesforce organizations.

The Summer ’23 Release will be released in stages beginning on May 14th, 2023. Here are the critical dates to remember for your organization: 

Preview notes will be available on April 26. 

  • Sandboxes renovated on the 4th and 5th of May. 
  • The preview instances will be upgraded to Summer ’23 on May 15th. 
  • The Salesforce will conduct a final readiness check on June 3rd and 4th. 
  • Summer 23 Release will be available on June 10th. 
  • Please remember that the dates will vary depending on your Salesforce instance and location. 

April 20: Sign up for a pre-release org to get early access 

Admins can sign up for a pre-release Developer Edition environment with all the Summer ’23 features to play with. Developer environments are self-contained settings where you can learn, build, and become acquainted with features and capabilities. 

Review the Release Notes on April 26. 

In the Release Notes section of Salesforce Help, search for the products you use for release updates. The notes will be available on April 26th, and we will provide a link here. Check out the You Asked for It section, which lists all of the Idea Exchange concepts featured in the release. 

Get assistance from the community! There are a variety of blogs written by community members that go down each release. Visit the Release Readiness Trailblazer Community Group to stay updated, share your favorite features, and ask questions about the next release. 

4th of May, before 5 p.m. PT: Make sure to restart your Sandbox. 

After you’ve browsed the pre-release org and examined the Release Notes for features of interest to you, it’s time to test out features relating to your customizations in your sandbox. This is a perfect moment to consider how specific features can be useful or impact how your organization utilizes Salesforce. 

During each release, a subset of sandboxes will remain on the non-preview instance (i.e., the current release), while another subset will upgrade to the preview instance. 

Determine the plan for your sandbox instance(s) using the Salesforce Sandbox Preview Guide. The photos below show the tool, which allows you to search by sandbox instance and then decide what you want to do with your sandbox — stay on non-preview or change to preview mode. It will then tell you to refresh your sandbox to get to the specified instance or that no action is required because your sandbox is already scheduled for the requested instance. 

Take the Get Early Access with the Sandbox Preview Trailhead module to learn more about this procedure and why you should be in a sandbox preview. 

If your sandbox is not scheduled to be updated to preview, act by 5 p.m. Pacific Time on May 4 to access all Summer ’23 features in one of your sandboxes. For details on how and when to refresh your sandbox, see this Help Article. 

Sandbox peek begins on May 5th 

Check your Trust sandbox instance for a sandbox upgrade window. Sandbox preview, like pre-release org, allows you to test new features against your own modifications without disrupting your live environment. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to investigate Release Updates in Setup. This is where you review and activate release updates to improve your organization’s performance, security, business logic, and usability organization. View which items want your attention, which updates are due soon or are late, and which updates have been archived. 

May 15: Find out even more about Summer ’23 features. 

Check out the #LearnMOAR page for new admin and developer trailmixes featuring highlights from the Summer ’23 release. 

Release Readiness Admin Preview on May 19 

Join Admin Evangelists and an expert panel for a one-hour deep dive into the release, featuring must-have features for administrators. This preview is an excellent opportunity to hear an overview from admin specialists, and it may help you decide which features to focus on during the Release Readiness Live broadcast. We go through all of the features given with each release and present a breakdown of the most impactful features to admins so that you can start developing with new Summer ’23 innovations quickly. 

Watch Release Readiness Live by Cloud from May 19-26 

Hear from product managers from around the company and across the clouds as they showcase the latest product features and demos. This is a multi-day, live video streaming event that will be available after the event on demand. 

Summer ’23 begins on May 19, June 2, and June 9 

Check the Maintenance Calendar to see when your Salesforce organization will receive the Summer ’23 improvements. Scroll through the list and cross-reference your Salesforce instance (NA__, EMEA__) with the release dates on the calendar. Once your environment’s release window has passed, you’ll have access to the most recent features in your production environment! 

If you want an early glance at what the Summer 23 Release has to offer, here are some of the highlights: 

Disable the rules for requiring explicit access to Apex Classes. 

This update removes the requirement for a user running a flow to have explicit access to Apex classes invoked by that flow. This update’s implementation has been pushed back until Summer ’23. 

Enable Flow Orchestration Object Sharing. 

The Manage Flow user permission will no longer provide users access to Flow Orchestration objects after this upgrade is applied. User access to Flow Orchestration objects is controlled by the Manage Orchestration Runs and Work Items user permission, as well as sharing rules and role hierarchies. 

Turn on Content Sniffing Protection. 

This upgrade, which has been delayed until Summer ’23, helps prevent the browser from loading scripts disguised as other file types when your users visit external content and websites through Salesforce.  

Make it impossible for Guest Users to edit or delete Approval Requests. 

Guest users can approve or reject approval requests after this update is enabled, but they can no longer amend, reassign, or remove approval requests. This update is set to go into effect in the summer of 23. 

Versions 21.0 through 30.0 of the Salesforce Platform API Retirement 

Salesforce Platform API versions 21.0 through 30.0 will be phased out in Summer ’23. They are no longer supported by Salesforce and have been deprecated. 

As the System Address for Case, use a Default No-Reply Address. Notifications by email:  

This update allows you to set a default No-Reply address from the Setup Organization-Wide Addresses tab. The implementation of this update has been pushed back until Summer ’23. 

Aside from these highlights, the preview site includes a detailed list of all the new features and improvements that are expected in the Summer ’23 Release, as well as instructions on how to prepare for the upgrade. For further information, please visit this page. 

The Summer ’23 Release promises to be exciting for Salesforce customers, with new features and enhancements in a variety of areas.  

Keep up to speed with this information and follow us for more thorough updates as the release date approaches. Until then, stay tuned. 

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