A Closer Look at Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release

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It is almost time for the Summer ‘24 release. The amount of excitement in the Salesforce ecosystem is approaching, and it is time to consider. Salesforce releases new updates and features three times a year, allowing users to leverage the latest the platform offers. Scheduled to roll out in May-June, the release has innovative updates to boost productivity and offer users imperative tools to manage their operations.

Along with the release date, information about the sandbox and when an instance will receive an upgrade is crucial.

What is Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release Date?

Firstly, users need to know when the main Salesforce setup will switch to the Summer ‘24 release. In all likelihood, there needs to be multiple tests on all functions in the system for smooth functioning. In most instances, Salesforce updates do not contain any issues. However, it is better to run a check.

Fast forward to the Summer ‘24 release date; the exact date will depend on your instance of Salesforce.

The release weekends are as follows:

  • May-17, 2024
  • June-7, 2024
  • June-14, 2024

    These are the important dates regarding the updates pushed out by Salesforce in Summer. If organizations know their instance, they can head over to Salesforce Trust, click on their instance name, and select ‘Maintenance’ from the list. It will reveal the date of the rollout of the Salesforce Summer ‘24 for organizations. 

    If users don’t know their instance, the easiest way is to click on “Company Information” inside “Setup” in their Salesforce. 

    Summer ‘24 Sandbox Sneak Peek 

    Sandbox is an integral part of the Salesforce ecosystem, and one should know when it gets upgraded. It is good to be aware of it since a sandbox provides a golden chance to check out the new releases in your system. Any user can hop on pre-release org, but those won’t have any setups of users. 

    Salesforce offers two different windows regarding sandbox releases, depending on whether the user has a Preview or Non-Preview instance.

    Most sandboxes may have received an upgrade on May 10, 2024. The others may have to wait till they receive an update. 

    Summer ‘24 Release Notes

    The dates mentioned above in the blog are imperative for the Salesforce release cycle. However, most organizations and users eagerly await the date of the Salesforce Release Notes. Release notes offer the first look at all the upgrades and features available for all Salesforce products. 

    The Salesforce Summer 2024 Release notes are available from 00000000000000000000000000April 24, 2024.

    • How to use the Release Notes?

    Salesforce Release notes provide top-tier descriptions of new features and enhancements for the future. They include tips on getting started, setup information, and best practices for long-term success. 

    1. The browser setting determines the language. To change the language, scroll down to the bottom, select ‘Change Language’ and choose the preferred language. 
    2. There are details about the new features that users can read about.
    3. Use the search and filter from the table of contents to find information about what matters. 
    • Release Updates

    Salesforce offers updates periodically that improve the performance and security of the products. Additionally, a few release updates affect the current customizations. 

    • Release Notes for Features Released Monthly

    Salesforce releases features more frequently than three times annually for some products. Know more about the features as often as monthly in the seasonal release notes.


    The Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release, arriving between May and June, provides crucial updates and new features to improve operational efficiency and productivity. The key dates are May 17, June 7, and June 14, depending on the instance. Moreover, users can check the upgrade schedule by heading directly to Salesforce Trust.
    From upgraded security features to automation capabilities and more, the release aims to offer users effective tools to manage operations.

    Summer is going to drop hot with the Salesforce ‘24 Release.

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