Salesforce Spring’23: Core Cloud Releases

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The Spring’23 release is currently accessible through the pre-release program. Your company will acquire the look and feel of the Spring’23 release due to Sandboxes’ upgrading on January 6th, 2023.  

Numerous new features and improvements have been added to this release’s Apex, Experience Cloud, Einstein Automate, Customer Data Platform, Field Service, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (also known as Pardot), Quip, CRM Analytics, Salesforce CMS, Salesforce Payments, Subscription Management, Enablement Sites (my Trailhead), and APIs.  

Experience Cloud  

Structured data can improve the SEO of your Aura and Lightning Web Runtime pages. In addition, you may enhance user experience on your LWR sites by using various new and updated components in Experience Builder. For example, on upgraded LWR sites, change the margin around specific elements to create pixel-perfect pages. In addition, use string attributes that adapt to the size of the user’s device to please your users with your improved Mobile Publisher for Experience Cloud apps.  

Marketing Cloud  

The best platform for providing personalized customer journeys to clients is called Marketing Cloud. It allows you to combine data from several sources to create a single perspective of your customers. Plan and improve unique customer journeys following your business goals. Deliver tailored content at the ideal moment across all channels and devices. Measure the effects of every encounter on your company so you may improve your strategy in real-time and produce better outcomes.  

You now have access to suggestions that can be put into practice to enhance system performance in your business unit. Review and fix any issues that appear in your integrations for External Action.  

Sales Cloud  

With significant improvements to core and productivity features, sales management procedures may be made more efficient. Reps’ work can also be automated. Account Discovery, a new tool with dashboards and Einstein Discovery models, is available to Revenue Intelligence users. Using Einstein Conversation Insights, enablement teams may check whether their initiatives alter how sales representatives interact with clients. Try out the dynamic Activity Composer, where everything is accessible with only one click. Depending on the dates of the reps’ territory assignments, determine their remuneration. Create marker layers in Salesforce Maps that attract more salespeople’s attention.  

Service Cloud  

Discover the latest Service Cloud capabilities that can assist you and your team in providing quick, high-caliber service. Messaging components are accessible in improved Facebook Messenger channels and Messaging for In-App and Web. These components allow you to share links, questions with options, appointment times, post-conversation polls, and more. Customer Cloud Real-time actions based on intelligence signals picked up during calls have reduced the time it takes to handle voice calls. Utilizing the power of Einstein, Einstein Conversation Mining spares you from laborious transcript analysis. With the Slack Conversations component, you can use Lightning Experience to send, receive, and browse Slack conversations. When an event happens, broadcast Slack messages, and new broadcast notifications should be sent internally. CRM Analytics out-of-the-box dashboards can be used to measure knowledge ROI. Add a template for a screen flow. 


Manage picklist values in bulk to save time. Use dynamic forms to improve your case and lead record pages. Improve sharing to better secure the private information of your users by understanding who has access to records and why. 


  • Cleanup Inactive Picklist Values: Use the bulk delete feature to manage inactive picklist values and impose restrictions. 
  • exclusive to bespoke picklists with predetermined values. 
  • Bulk Manage Picklist Values: At once, delete, activate, deactivate, or change the values of several custom picklist fields.  
  • Exclusive bespoke picklists with predetermined values. 
  • Limit the Number of Inactive Picklist Entries: In a custom picklist field, limit the number of inactive picklist values. 
  • Remove any number of picklist values that aren’t active. 
  • Using the Gender Identity & Pronouns fields to Capture Inclusive Data: 
  • Picklist fields that are optional on the Lead, Contact, and Person Account objects. 
  • Add your own picklist values or use the default value sets. 
  • Before including anything to the page layout, consider the ramifications for privacy. 

Lightning App Builder  

  • Adding Dynamic Forms Will Improve Record Pages 
  • Configure your record pages with dynamic forms to give them additional stability. 
  • Actions that Change with Standard Objects 
  • Dynamic actions for all common objects are now generally accessible for desktop, allowing you to more easily and precisely customize the actions on your record pages. 
  • Using Lightning App Builder, create Forecasts Pages. 
  • Create personalized desktop forecast pages with all the details required to generate precise forecasts. 
  • Add Save Options to Cases, Leads, and Accounts 
  • When creating, editing, or cloning a case, lead, or editing an account with Dynamic Forms, add a save option. 
  • Check Out Additional Records in Dynamic Related Lists 
  • Users can now view a complete list of related records by clicking on the View All link in linked lists. 
  • Pin Content to Record Pages’ Right Side. 
  • Use the new Pinned Right Sidebar design to display crucial information on record pages’ right side. 
  • On object record pages, access information quickly. 
  • Record names are now displayed for screen readers and hover thanks to the updated page title template. 


  • Increased Sharing Allows for Stronger User Data Protection (Release Update) 
  • more PII user record fields should be secured 
  • Replace setting for protecting personal data 
  • Pick which user fields, including custom and standard, should be considered personally identifiable information (PII) starting in the spring of 23. 
  • Understanding Who Has Access to Records and Why 
  • View the sharing hierarchy for a record. 
  • See the user’s access request and determine whether it is being prevented by a restriction rule 
  • Update the Account Sharing Rules Faster (Beta) (Beta) 
  • Records of virtual implicit sharing across accounts and case files involving children 
  • faster org-wide default and account sharing rule recalculation. 


  • Delegated Group Access through Tooling API Permissions Query 
  • Query people with delegated administrator roles using the API 
  • Verify that group members with access have access. 
  • Granting of permissions to the delegation group 
  • Users who belong to the redirected group selecting the permission sets When Setting Field-Level Security, Display (Beta) 
  • View by all permission sets, or by permission sets with object permissions 
  • Display of Permission Set API name and description 
  • Columns can be sorted. 
  • Apply and automate user access policies for mass access (Beta) 
  • To allow or deny access, use user access policies. 
  • User identification criteria based on user attributes or entitlements 
  • Apply access automatically whenever a user is added or changed. 


For users to receive pertinent results, define searchable fields by profile, including picklists, using Search Manager. Now, models for Einstein Discovery stories exist. Improve the way you use goals in your talks with Einstein Bots. Discover the most frequent reasons customers contact you and which ones should be automated using Einstein Conversation Mining, which analyses conversation transcripts already in your database. 

Einstein Search 

  • Get customized outcomes for your work 
  • Make searchable fields available 
  • Use knowledge articles to find the answers 
  • Participate in the Einstein Search Learning Map as examples, use Einstein Discovery Stories predictions and suggestions 
  • Run-time evaluative 
  • Specifically written material to make retail banking and wealth management more understandable 
  • More accurate forecasts of consumer churn 
  • Using characteristics from survey responses the tone of the responses 
  • Advancement of AI: Make use cases including NBA advice and predictions. 
  • Set up feature extractors 
  • Real time or in batches 
  • Include feature samples 
  • Relationship insights from Einstein: Analyze & filter different sorts of relationships 
  • Receive news and job changes updates 
  • View the routes of relationships 
  • Company and individual record items 
  • Information extraction from intelligent documents with improved user interface 
  • Improved UI for Intelligent Form Reader that Extracts Information 
  • Reporting on voice and video chats with Einstein Conversation Insights 
  • Include conversational elicitation in enablement initiatives 
  • Masking of personal information in recordings 
  • Addition of fields for the training model in Einstein classification (Pilot) 
  • Manage goals and track performance all in one place with Einstein Bots 
  • Router and cloning enhancements 
  • Einstein Conversation Mining for automation options – Rich discussions with new forms of content 
  • Finding potential for automation with Einstein Conversation Mining (Beta) 
  • Build reports on the most common reasons why clients contact you, and use Bot Builder to immediately create bots and dialogues. 


Lightning Components 

Use Lightning Web Security 

  • LWS for Aura (beta) is enabled by default for new orgs 
  • LWS for Lightning web components was enabled by default in Winter ’23 
  • If your org has no custom components, no impact 

Use Lightning Web Security Enablement 

  • LWS for Lightning web components (GA) and LWS for Aura (beta) enabled for orgs with no custom components 

Fetch Data Using GraphQL Wire Adapter 

  • Built on Salesforce GraphQL API 
  • Client-side caching and data management 

Query DOM Elements with Refs 

  • Access elements in shadow DOM and light DOM 
  • No need for querySelector() 

Improved Render Time for Lightning Web Components 

  • Optimized framework to handle static elements 

Enable Third-Party Integrations with Light DOM 

  • Light DOM allows global styling and third-party integrations 

Build Components in Mixed Shadow Mode 

  • Lightning web components can use native shadow DOM 

Use Scoped Styles Only on Light DOM Components 

  • Except for Experience Cloud sites, CMS content editor, and Sales Enablement environments 

Use Improved Conditional Directives 

  • lwc:if, lwc:elseif, and lwc:else 

View Debug Information for Your Wired Properties 

  • Access debug information via custom formatters 

Scoping in CSS Pseudo-Elements Is Fixed 

  • Correctly scoped styles for synthetic shadow environments 

Disable lwcRuntimeFlags 

  • No longer affects Lightning Web Components 

Use the UTAM Browser Extension 

  • Identify page objects for Salesforce applications 

Generate UTAM Page Objects from HTML Files 

  • UTAM Generator command-line tool 

Use Improved Linting for UTAM Page Objects 

  • Linting to prevent bad practices 

Configure Code Completion for UTAM JSON Page Objects 

  • Code completion with schema file 

Synchronize Component Data Without a Page Refresh 

  • RefreshView API for LWC and Aura 

Security Enhancements for CSRF Tokens 

  • Generate different tokens for each Lightning app 
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