Salesforce New Winter 21 Release

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Salesforce is regularly improving so that it can offer better services to the developers and admins. New functionalities and features are introduced so that the productivity and UI of salesforce are upgraded. Salesforce has recently released the new features along with announcing pre-release org, release date, and sandbox.

Here are some of the most notable features of the latest winter 2021 release.

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Flow updates

Flow is going to get more efficient and powerful with the recent update. The new updates will allow flow to easily handle deletions, debugging as a specific user and auto flow layouts, etc. The latest features are a great addition.

Dynamic actions and forms

Actions and forms are both highly powerful tools. They allow a level of customization that was not possible before the feature’s release in summer 2020.

The dynamic forms can help in creating mini-page layouts which can be placed anywhere with the help of the lighting App builder. Dynamic actions help in hiding or showing actions based on the user. It is effective in providing a clean and better user experience.

These great features are now generally available. It means that they are no longer in the beta and everyone can access them.

Optimization of lighting page performance

The loading speed of the lighting page has been an issue as they are displaying huge chunks of information. Now you can find the reason for bad user experience by using the Analyze button. The button is present on the top of the lighting App builder and it will provide improvement recommendations.

Einstein lead and opportunity scoring

The users can enjoy the feature for free and all customers have access to it. It has improved as well as now you can exclude some records from it and ignore the fields you are not interested in.

Salesforce anywhere

The feature allows the users to get real-time updates and collaborate on records. It is in a beta stage and you can sign up for the org to enable the feature.

View changes to deals

It is a simple and excellent feature. It allows the users to see if any changes have been made to close dates or opportunity amounts. It is a great feature for sales managers as they need to keep a close eye on the deal movements.

Interactive email builder

It is an excellent feature as it helps improve the efficiency of the work. The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) can help in creating email templates. Users can use the familiar lighting app builder as it gives a significant boost in creating the email department.

Dynamic survey pages

It is becoming more and more powerful with every new release. The winter 21’ release adds features that allow users to create unique and memorable customer journeys. It defines which survey pages to skip to with the help of salesforce data.

Einstein search

Salesforce winter 21’ release allows enabling Einstein to search in professional edition and for multiple objects. It uses previous searches and geolocation to offer personalized search results.

Custom report types to auto add fields

Keeping a custom report type up-to-date is challenging. Salesforce saves you the trouble of doing it manually by giving the option to add them automatically.


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