Salesforce Marketing Cloud Editions Features, Suitability & Pricing

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Salesforce marketing cloud allows marketers to manage customers’ journey from marketing to sales and sales to service and so on. It helps gain customer’s trust. The platform effectively saves time with unique and excellent features for designing impressive email marketing campaigns, establishing lasting customer relationships, and curating content.

There are different editions of the salesforce marketing cloud available. Each edition offers additional features. While choosing the best edition, it is essential to understand your requirements.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Editions

Here are some editions of the salesforce marketing cloud:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features
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Basic edition

The basic edition is focused on email marketing and comes with features such as automation, data segmentation, journey builder, and predictive intelligence.

It is best suited for new companies that require simple customer management solutions that include creating and sending personalized emails for email marketing.

Key features

Some of the features offered by the basic edition are

  • Content management
  • Drag and drop segmentation
  • Account subscriber profiles
  • Mobile and web-optimized templates
  • Content
  • A/B testing
  • The first edition also offers the following personalized tools.
  • Campaign reports
  • Transactional messages
  • Access to service and sales cloud
  • Triggered messages
  • Lead capture
  • Marketing cloud
  • Performance metrics by delivery channels and social media
  • API access


The cost of the first edition salesforce marketing cloud is $400 per month.

Professional edition

The professional edition is an improvement on the basic edition. It has excellent features to offer like predictive intelligence, automation, journey builder, and data segmentation. It is also helpful in building unique marketing campaigns.

The pro edition is an excellent choice for companies looking to establish a relationship with customers using Journey builders.

Key features

The professional edition of the salesforce marketing cloud offers the following features.

  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile and web analytics
  • Personalized Content builder
  • Landing pages builder
  • Email Conversion tracking
  • Sender authentication package
  • Triggered communication


The professional edition costs $1250/ month.

Corporate Edition

The corporate edition comes with exciting features such as journey building through email, web, and mobile, Einstein capabilities for personalizing communication, and additional professional features.

The corporate edition is designed to satisfy the business needs of a mid-size organization. It is suitable for growing companies.

Key features

Here are some excellent features you can enjoy by using corporate edition

  • Mobile SMS triggers
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Customer journey builder
  • Group messaging
  • Social media connect tabs in landing pages
  • Cross-channel personalized content
  • Inbox app messaging
  • Push messaging


The corporate edition costs $3750 monthly.

Enterprise edition

The enterprise edition is suitable for multi-level organizations. Its features leveraged customers’ journeys across multiple cross channels.

Key features

Some of the great features of the enterprise edition are

  • Target audience builder
  • Multiple business Units support
  • Real-time big data segmentation


The cost of enjoying the features of the Enterprise edition is $25000/month.

Enterprise 2.0

The features of Enterprise 2.0 are ideal for multi-level organizations working with several brands. In this edition, the organizational nodes are called business units. The unit on the top level is the controller of personalized content used for marketing campaigns. Share personalized content globally via business units and customized content according to the local market.

Key features

Here are a few of the great features offered by the Enterprise2.0 edition.

  • Business nodes are the hierarchical nodes of the organizational structure. The structure controls access to information. The business units can be added, deleted, and updated based on business needs.
  • Add users under the nodes or business units. The controller can add and remove users from business units.
  • It allows the creation of toolbar buttons in the email studio using page actions. They help capture data and move it to target pages.
  • Parent account stores the list subscribers. The list is later filtered depending on business requirements.
  • Ensure that the email campaigns reach the target audience and that subscribers are saved and filtered under specific business nodes.
  • There are two options to cancel the subscription. You can remove it from all the business units or a specific one.
  • The feature of mass administration helps import bulk data of business units and users.
  • Email Studio Web Collect is a great feature that subscribers can use to add themselves to the list. They can update their information and also have the option of leaving the list. It can help in tracking the activities of the subscribers.
  • Top-level business nodes can create multiple preferences and profile attributes to share with smaller business units.
  • Enterprise 2.0 allows you to set separate IP ranges from different business units.
  • Customized Local Content allows viewing the business units that can share top-level content as local, removing units from the list, making changes to the local content, and scheduling it.

The cost of the editions can vary based on additional features.


Take a close look at your business needs and requirements and match them with the features of each edition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and you will be able to choose the best one for your organization.

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