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Salesforce is the most popular CRM among enterprises due to its extensive features and rich functionalities. The structure of the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management system is designed in a sophisticated manner with smart integration of more than 700 building blocks.

These blocks work together to enhance the sales and productivity of your business procedures. The management and administration are made easier with the fantastic features catered in this amazing Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce introduces various modules frequently in the marketplace that further enhance the business handling procedures. One of these modules is the Salesforce High-Velocity Sales that allows users to alleviate inside sales productivity and supports efficient lead processing and opportunity creation.

The impressive salesforce module can be coupled with your phone system and deliver increased productivity. 

What are High-Velocity Sales by Salesforce?

The HVS was launched in 2018, and since then, the continuous updates and improvements have made it a leading salesforce module of the year 2020. 

According to studies, an average of 32% of the total project time is spent on sales processes. The remaining time is reserved for carrying out other procedures like making contacts, notes, keeping records, etc. The HVS module is extremely significant in speeding up the sales processes that result in saving time.

The high-velocity sales model was developed for improvement in sales productivity, and the goal was to make the following processes more effective:

  • Prioritization of opportunities 
  • Sales processes handling and management 
  • Management of tasks

Functionalities performed by High-Velocity Sales.

The HVS is rich in functionalities that aid the sales department in carrying out their daily processes. The prominent features include:

HVC paves the sales journey 

The vital purpose of Salesforce High-Velocity Sales is to pace up the sales process and get more done in less time. The actions needed to be taken during each sales cycle are predefined in this module. These actions include :

  • Call the Lead: With a single click, your company’s agent can place a call to generated leads from the high-velocity sales module.
  • Send an automatic email: An email template that has been defined already can be sent to the leads automatically according to the stages of the sales process.
  • Add personalized steps or actions: You can ask your agent to perform certain tasks not pre-added as actions and add new actions to different stages for better reach.
  • Add waiting step: You can choose the rhythm of the actions being performed via this step.

The steps in the HVS can not be skipped making it a reliable process that goes through all the validations before completion.

Better Workspace organization

The tasks generated and performed within the HVS can be managed better with this module. The work queue presents all the actions in waiting, and the priority of these tasks is also specified.

The sorting is done based on the Einstein lead scoring method that sorts the leads according to their scores. This module is AI-based and determines the probability of the conversion ratio bases upon past data.


Our fantastic team of Salesforce professionals ensures that your sales are enhanced with the help of an integrated High Sales Velocity module.

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