Salesforce HelpRange Integration: A Detailed Overview

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As we all know, security is the most important consideration in any organization.

For example, any person outside of the organization (Org) has access to our organization then we must secure and restrict some areas of our Org.

That is why we want restricted access to the outside user. When we give access to any document to the user then security comes into the picture.

As the business grows, we need faster data transfer. So, sending hardcopy by delivery service is not convenient.

We know that giving information through hardcopy is more secure but not as fast as giving information through soft copy. That is why we want security on soft copy document. 

Tracking of provided information is also especially useful to grow any org. Documents contain lots of information.

We would like to know which part of the document is most reviewed by users etc. For this purpose, we want some API tool and HelpRange fits the bill. 

What is HelpRange? 

HelpRange is a leading Marketing company that provide API for Documents.

HelpRange API works for uploading files and obtaining analytics data. The HelpRange is REST API enabled.

HelpRange provides the security to document with wide variety of features.

This API employs HTTP response codes for API faults and has predictable, resource-oriented URLs. 

Salesforce and HelpRange Integration 

While you use Salesforce, it is important to protect the data and keep it confidential.

All the sales data becomes accessible to everyone in the organization, it could be a security hazard.

But with HelpRange you can be sure of data security, as only specific email ids will have access to specific documents.

With this integration, you can be sure of data being used judiciously and not being vulnerable to theft or mis-use. 

What are the features of HelpRange? 

Protect, Share and Track PDF documents: – 

  • Protect your documents to access by unsecured server.  
  • PDF tracking to find out how, who, when (opening times and dates)  
  • Restrict from forwarding, printing, and sharing the document or its links 
  • Restrict access to the document only from allow-listed IP addresses. 

    HelpRange for Marketing: – 

    • With the help of HTML box, people who want to see your document provide email and those email stores in a database and fetch easily email list as a CSV file without legal issue. You will know how long people spend on a page. 
    • Heat mapping -> Give Knowledge about document like which paragraph, section or image gets the most attention.  
    • We can add our company logo and modify the color set so that it fits perfectly with our website branding. 

    HelpRange for HR: –  

    • HelpRange for Human Resource team ensures that what content impacts well on employees and what content needs improvement. They can also ensure that employee engagement is maximum. 
    • Gives a better picture that what document is interesting for employees and what does not work well. It provides ways to update the content in a way it improves communication. 
    • HelpRange gives real-time insights into how your employees engage with internal documents.  

    HelpRange for Legal Industry 

    • Secure document analytics and sharing Encrypted documents for legal teams provides easy communication of legal document. 
    • Control document access, restrict PDFs to specific IP addresses, create one-viewer at a time restrictions, and set passwords and expiration dates are just a few of the capabilities available for legal documents. 

    HelpRange for Fundraising Startups 

    • It is the best tool for fundraising startups because they can understand most focus content in real-time. They can catch errors and update instantly. 
    • track how investors engage with your content with the help of pitch deck conversion rate and, we can increase it. 
    • We can assure you that any edits in the main document will be visible to everyone. 

    Which type of API is provided by HelpRange? 

    These are the following type of type provided by a HelpRange  – 

    1. [GET] List of directories assigned to you 
    2. [GET] List of files in directory 
    3. [GET] Statistics of file 
    4. [POST] Upload file to directory 

    How HelpRange API Works? 

    • First Authenticate your account by including API Key in every API request. 
    • Second include it in the request 

    Input And Output for each APIs: –  

    • [GET] List of directories assigned to you 
    1. Input parameter -> Mention the Directory Id 
    2. Output -> Directories Id list 
    • [GET] List of files in directory 
    1. Input parameter -> directory_id 
    2. Output -> File Id, Name, and links 
    • [GET] Statistics of file 
    1. Input parameter -> File Id 
    2. Output Parameter -> Engagement Score, Total Views, Avg_time_seconds, avg_time_per_page_seconds 
    • [POST] Upload file to directory  
    1. Input parameter -> directory_id 
    2. Output -> File Id and Link of the file. 
    • [POST] Create link for file 
    1. Input parameter -> file_id 
    2. Output -> File Id and Link of the file. 


    Platform Required: 

    • Salesforce 
    • HelpRange 
    1. Upload the file to the HelpRange from the salesforce & get the secure link  

    • For this requirement we can use “Upload file to Directory” API. 
    • Perform callout using this API from the salesforce & upload the file to the HelpRange’s appropriate directory. 
    • The helprange will provide you the File ID & the file’s secure link. 
    • This secure link we can provide to the customer via email or text message. 

    Step 1
    • Save

    2. Document Tracking 

    • Using “Statistics of file” API, one can get the Analytics data for the Document. 
    • While performing callout to this API from the salesforce, we just need to pass the “File Id” (given by HelpRange when we uploaded the file). 
    • Then helprange provides the fields below to capture analytics: 


    • HelpRange API is the most useful API tool for document uploading tracking and securing. 
    • It generates statistics of the document which gives broad and detailed analysis of the documents. It increases the productivity of making documents and Hassel Free 
    • It will reduce data theft from organizations. 


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