A Detailed Guide on Salesforce Health Cloud

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Patient-centric healthcare services is the new normal!!! 

Believe it or not, improving healthcare in every possible way, considering it patient-centric and affordable, is one of the biggest realities.

Are you also exhausting all your resources on making your healthcare services’ THE BEST’? You are not alone! The companies need all required data from the patients to be streamlined, but the same is expected equally by patients.

IT solutions could help in many ways. Healthcare is one of the largest industries globally that needs the most compatible IT solutions to run! Not just that, according to CAGR, the worldwide healthcare sector is estimated to grow by 7.9% compared to 2020 by 2027, which amounted to 282 billion dollars in 2019.

Salesforce Health Cloud is one such solution, which can make patients’ experience enduring, offer them satisfactory services, deliver high-quality care at affordable prices, and much more.

Let us see what Salesforce Health Cloud is and the features it has to offer. What are the benefits to be offered for your business, be it Provider, Payer, Pharma Companies, or Medical devices Companies.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud? And what are its features?

Salesforce Health Cloud is an all-inclusive cloud-based solution to help organizations create an environment on the cloud, social and mobile. It can be leveraged to access all the relevant information by specialists, patients, or even admins as & when needed irrespective of the device they use or the time they access it. It’s a unique solution owing to the special key features it has to offer. The top three features of Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation are:

Comprehensive Patient View

You get a complete view of the patient’s records, which can help in many ways, such as:

  • Building rich as well as contextual profiles
  • Collaborate better with health timelines as well as care networks
  • Integrate electronic health records
  • Integrate data from third-party devices or wearables and much more
  • Easily access information such as appointments history, ongoing medical conditions, ongoing medications, or communication preferences.

Additionally, it makes working on EHRs effortless, as the patient’s data can be referred to or used from any device. This further aids in monitoring data such as glucose levels, heartbeat patterns, hormonal levels, activity tracking, or even sleeping patterns.

Simply put, you can get a real-time, comprehensive patient information view that you can use to improve the overall healthcare services or outcomes for the patients with this feature.

Intelligent Patient Management

Patient Management becomes smarter with Salesforce Health Cloud Integration. Here are some more benefits offered by this feature:

  • Set priority for tasks as per patient’s needs
  • Effortlessly manage as well as segment patient population
  • Map professional as well as personal caregiver networks

A better view of the full patient population can help manage things effortlessly, unlike before when Salesforce Health Cloud was not used. It helps in making informed, futuristic decisions efficiently.

Health care organizations can also send personalized messages related to special check-ups scheduled timely to respective patients with this feature. Overall, you can offer a safe, private, and personalized experience to your patients.

Internal conversations with patients and healthcare professionals become visible on the platforms making coordination better. You can also map personal and professional networks to help patients achieve their health goals and their families.

Clinical Data Management 

It is an important feature of Salesforce Health Cloud, making information effective, accessible, and improved. Let us know more about it:

  • Delegation of tasks to caregiver network
  • Better collaboration with care team as well as patients
  • Sending secure messages on various types of devices

Additionally, these benefits further help analyze the progress across the care plans or health goals by effortlessly communicating with care coordinators or getting solutions from the provider network.

While utilizing this multifaceted platform on mobile devices, sending safe messages to the patients on their mobile devices becomes effortless. It helps their secure communication, win their trust, develop stronger bonds, and build better engagement.

Salesforce Health Cloud can help maintain the health record and play a pivotal role in building everlasting and stronger relationships with the patients for healthcare.

Let us look at the benefits offered by Salesforce Health Cloud in terms of the business model.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud 

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud for Provider 

Salesforce Health Cloud is one solution that is not only just CRM or EHR. However, it is BOTH! Stop thinking of replacing your EHR, rather plan to leverage the best features offered by this cloud solution.

This flexible platform helps adopt a patient-centered approach to healthcare most efficiently and effortlessly.

Let us look at some quick benefits which you can get from this platform as a provider apart from adding to your EHR:

  • Get a holistic view of your patient’s data to stay up to date. You get every minute updates on appointments, medications, medical history, and much more irrespective of the device you use.
  • Offer Comprehensive and enduring patient experience, with personalized care plan or better connection in caregiver network.
  • Access real-time patient data to manage, coordinate, and engage better with the patients, send them secure messages, and more.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud for Payer

    As an insurance organization, you can leverage most of the features offered by Salesforce Health Cloud to make the overall process smoother. Here is a list of benefits to consider as a payer:

    • Care Programs can be better streamlined! With the help of smarter utilization management, real-time integration with legacy systems, and identification of risk on time.
    • Customized member services with the help of personalized communication. It is possible owing to the smart recommendations offered by the platforms when it is linked with comprehensive information of patients.

    Additionally, you can offer a comprehensive member journey with omnichannel integration, automation of the workflows, and a lot more. It adds significantly to the engagement at a lot of key points in the journey.

    Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud for Pharma Companies 

    You might be a small- or large-scale pharma company. However, Salesforce Health Cloud could be a one-stop solution to help you with many benefits. It offers you a central system to manage every bit of information, which helps bring down the operational cost and deliver better services.

    Let us talk about some more benefits offered to you by Salesforce Health Cloud:

    •  Streamlining Compliance to reduce costs: Offering services such as delivering medicines becomes easy with sign-up, authorization, and fulfillment tracking. Scaling up your business or doing therapy-specific support programs is also possible with Salesforce Health Cloud.  
    •  Integration with patients and healthcare professionals: Connecting with patients or healthcare professionals becomes easier and can be done irrespective of the smart device you are using. The data can be accessed from any device, and this helps in offering personalized and speedy solutions to the patients up to their satisfaction.
    •  Easy analysis of critical information: Collecting and analyzing the critical healthcare-related information, for example, product complaint info, emergency event information, or proper authorization, etc., to make decisions in favor of the organization becomes easier.

    Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud for Medical Device Companies

      Medical Device Companies across the world are leveraging the benefits offered by the Salesforce Health Cloud. They can help in managing client relationships, supporting patients, as well as managing commercial processing. Some more benefits are listed here:

      •  Empower Sales and Account teams; Centralized information, automation of tasks, real-time insights, and much more is what your teams need to stay ahead of others. Better engagement between the teams is also possible with Salesforce Health Cloud.
      •  Better Forecasting Models: Account-based forecasting based on several factors such as product line, market geography, etc., helps teams for better collaborations. This benefits finance, sales, and marketing teams.
      •  Enhance positive experience and outcomes: Advanced optimized, tailored patient programs, etc., can be offered to owe to omnichannel communication and digital consent management. It gives positive experiences and outcomes to the patients.

      Final Word

      The world we live in today has a modern health care system that is evolving every day. And to stay ahead of the competition, you would need to offer services that are not just at par with customers’ expectations but also are affordable enough. 

      Healthcare Services could be that one-stop solution for you, offering you the right benefits as per the business model you own. To know more about the integration and benefits which can help your business, you can consider connecting with our Salesforce Certified professionals. We can guide you choose suitable solutions to meet your business needs such that you be the trendsetter and offer the best-in-class services to your patients.

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