Salesforce Einstein GPT: The Trend!

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Salesforce introduced Einstein GPT to give auto-generated AI content directly within the Salesforce platform, with use cases ranging from Slack to sales, service, marketing, commerce, and app builders. This is the world’s most powerful, intelligent, and generative CRM, increasing employee productivity and improving customer experiences. 

Einstein GPT is the next version of Salesforce’s AI engine, Einstein, which now produces over 200 billion AI-powered predictions each day across Customer 360. Customers may also leverage natural-language prompts on CRM data to trigger sophisticated, time-saving automation and create personalized, AI-generated content by merging proprietary Einstein AI models with Chat GPT or other large language models. 

Einstein GPT for Sales 

Automate sales processes like email composition, meeting scheduling, and preparation for the next engagement. 

  • Create emails, schedule meetings, and prepare for the next engagement automatically. 
  • External news is being made available for potential investigation. 
  • Adding contacts who do not currently exist in Salesforce. 
  • Creating new routes of collaboration. 

Einstein GPT for Service 

Create knowledge articles from previous case notes. Increase customer satisfaction through tailored, and quicker service encounters by auto-generating personalized agent chat responses. 

Einstein GPT for Service 
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  • Personalize agent chat responses automatically. 
  • During case closure, generate a natural language summary automatically. 
  • Create knowledge articles from previous case notes. 

Einstein GPT for Marketing 

Create tailored content dynamically to engage consumers and prospects across email, mobile, online, and advertising. 

Einstein GPT for Slack Customer 360 apps 

Slack provides AI-powered customer insights, such as intelligent summaries of sales possibilities and reveals end-user behaviors such as upgrading knowledge articles. 

Einstein GPT for Slack Customer 360 apps 
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  • Direct writing aid in Slack. 
  • AI-powered customer insights in Slack, such as smart summaries of sales possibilities and background research on accounts, are examples of research tools. 
  • Conversation summaries in an instant. 

Einstein GPT for Developers 

Increase developer productivity by employing an AI chat assistant to generate code and ask questions for languages such as Apex and Salesforce Research’s proprietary big language model. 

Einstein GPT for Developers 
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Distinctions between Salesforce Einstein GPT and OpenAI’s ChatGPT 

Trusted Data Sources: Einstein is a reliable source of data. GPT begins with the trustworthy customer data businesses have built-in Salesforce as a single source of truth since it was first used as a CRM. Next, ChatGPT was taught using knowledge from the Internet, such as websites, books, news stories, and Wikipedia. Unfortunately, ChatGPT lacks real-time Internet access. As a result, it needs more understanding of the world and events following 2021. (When the broadly available ChatGPT-3 was trained). 

Human oversight: During the Einstein GPT launch at TDX, Salesforce was eager to note that humans are a crucial part of the process when using Einstein GPT. “There is a human in the process,” stated Sarah Franklin, President and CMO of Salesforce, during her keynote talk at TDX. This is vital since the AI is here to serve us, not replace us.”. The Salesforce believes that this will enable firms to “provide all of the customer magic they desire,” according to Franklin. 

Security: There are several security risks when using ChatGPT directly in corporate use cases. ChatGPT, for example, may enable hackers by allowing them to impersonate others, produce perfect language, and build code that anyone can use maliciously. Also, one of the simplest methods to identify a phishing email is to look for spelling and grammatical errors. For example, a valid email from your bank will likely be written well. As a result, hackers could utilize ChatGPT to create phishing emails that appear professionally crafted. Einstein GPT, on the other hand, trains using a company’s customer data and is based on security standards that ensure secure data access to your data within a Salesforce trust boundary. This safeguards the confidentiality of your clients’ personally identifiable information (PII). 

Besides these essential features of Einstein GPT, Salesforce highlighted many ways the generative AI solution could be integrated into the various Salesforce apps. 

Sales Cloud: Einstein GPT allows an account executive (AE) to get a summary of a prospective client’s business, including. The AE can then request that Einstein GPT send an introductory email to the client, asking for availability for a meeting and providing some of the customer’s recent news. The entire procedure, including the evaluation and optional revision, is completed in minutes.

Slack: Using the same scenario, the AE can request that Einstein GPT set up a private Slack channel between the prospect and the AE. 

Service Cloud: During a customer chat, a consumer can inquire about a very particular aspect of a product, and Einstein GPT will respond immediately and include the source of the answer. To keep a human in the loop, the agent can transmit the response as is, amend it, or even ask Einstein GPT to develop an updated version of the answer, such as making it shorter. Einstein can also provide the best action, which the agent can choose whether or not to communicate to the client depending on the agent’s assessment. 

Marketing Cloud: This was the most amazing of the demos. Einstein ChatGPT can assist a marketing manager in creating a website landing page for an upcoming event in a matter of minutes, prompting the tool for an acceptable length of content, adding a relevant photo, and adding a signup form. 

Final Thoughts 

Einstein GPT is the next generation of Salesforce’s AI engine, Einstein, which now produces more than 200 billion AI-powered predictions each day across Customer 360 (Salesforce’s product range). We’ve seen how Einstein GPT can improve the work life of users across the enterprise, from sales, support, and marketing teams to app developers and everyone who uses Slack. 

Apart from the integrated technology announced today, Salesforce Ventures is introducing a new Generative AI fund to invest in high-potential entrepreneurs, strengthen the ecosystem, and accelerate the development of responsible, trusted, and generative AI. 

Some may claim that some of these operations could be achieved with Einstein AI prior to Einstein GPT, but those lines can be blurred. 

Einstein GPT is undoubtedly major news, and it will be interesting to see how it is utilized by this diverse set of Salesforce personas. 

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