Salesforce Education Summit 2023

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What is the Education Summit? 

The Education Summit brings together Trailblazers to share their stories, knowledge, and innovation. The goal is to inspire institutions to improve efficiency, growth, and productivity. Discover 50+ classes, learn about the latest innovations, and interact with an educator community.  

Salesforce’s annual Education Summit is the industry’s flagship event, bringing together institutions at all stages of their technological journeys.  Education Summit 2023, held over three days at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas, provided thousands of education professionals with resources. And know-how to assist students, faculty, and alumni in navigating those unique educational adventures. 

This year’s Summit was possibly the biggest and best yet, with visionary speakers and excellent networking opportunities. A deluge of in-depth workshops thoughtfully separated according to distinct tracks. The fact that this was the first Summit to be held in person in three years added to the experience. 

Here are some of Cloud for Good’s highlights from the historic occasion. 

Speakers and Keynotes 

The Education Summit 2023 featured a diverse lineup of inspirational speakers as well as two high-impact keynote sessions. Focusing on developing unified approaches to lifelong learning and providing students with vital workforce skills and connections. Salesforce’s reinvented Education Cloud, the star of the show during the keynotes and beyond, as it was featured at Education Summit 2023 in many of the sessions. 

A new licensing mechanism for Education Cloud 

Educational institutions had to buy various products, such as enrollment management, student services management, and/or student advisor management, independently. The new Education Cloud provides these organizations with education packages bundled together with a set of features to handle a wide range of activities throughout the student lifecycle. 

A New Day in Education: We Can Complete Any Journey Together Epic 

This year’s opening keynote session focused on the new Education Cloud in connection to the rapidly changing landscape of modern education. During the event’s opening keynote, both George Mason University and the University of East Anglia were featured to demonstrate how institutions have become effective change agents with the support of Salesforce technology pushing innovation. 

During this session, the term “enrollment cliff” was explored. It refers to the diminishing size of new students in the United States. The COVID-19 outbreak exacerbated the problem, and institutions throughout the country are looking to technology to stay ahead of the growing problem. George Mason University and East Anglia University, the two featured institutions, both outlined how mindful personalization, meeting students. They are through intuitive communications, and creating memorable, engaging experiences for students were prevalent solutions to combat the enrollment cliff. 

These topics are related to the success that Cloud for Good has assisted Indiana University Advancement (IUA) in achieving through Salesforce solutions.  IUA entirely updated its online presence using a carefully calibrated combination of Salesforce’s Commerce and Marketing Clouds, resulting in a modern, “Amazon-like” experience that its students and stockholders have come to expect from its technology. 

Today, we are empowering tomorrow’s leaders. 

During the major thought-leadership keynote of Education Summit 2023, representatives from McDonald’s, Indiana University, Economic Mobility Systems, and Salesforce presented the skills they are searching for and giving in terms of transitioning young people from education to employment. The overarching subject of this session was that students today want an education that will provide them with long-term employability. 

This theme, of course, reminded us of the progress Cloud for Good is making in this pursuit through Talent for Good. Our Talent as a Service program is assisting in the placement of vetted, trained Salesforce System Administrators, Business Analysts, Marketing Cloud, and Developer apprentices into organizations in need of assistance with their technology. Those organizations benefit from a program supplying top-tier Salesforce talent, and the apprentices immerse themselves in the Salesforce environment. 

Following the opening discussion, Cynthia “Cynt” Marshall, the NBA’s first Black female CEO, took the stage to discuss how her visionary leadership. And the ability to create quantifiable inclusion and diversity progress with the Dallas Mavericks in her first 100 days (about 3 and a half months) has evolved the organization’s culture. 

The Presence of Cloud for Good at the Summit 

Cloud for Good had the great opportunity of sharing our accomplishment with three of our valued clients: Western Governors University, Indiana University Advancement, and LSU Online & Continuing Education. See the descriptions below for each session and go to Salesforce to access on-demand recordings. 

  • The WGU Approach to Effectively Placing Students in Field Experience

Many aspects are considered when assigning students, including student profiles, school district affiliations, contracts spanning thousands of counties, and more! See how WGU uses Salesforce to assist students find student teaching opportunities across the country. 

  • With Commerce Cloud, you can achieve triple-digit growth in just six month

Learn how Indiana University Advancement and Cloud for Good collaborated to establish a “Amazon-like” approach to online giving, resulting in 230% growth in recurring gifts and six-figure income growth for one significant IU fund. 

  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Reaching More Student

Optimizing your marketing approach necessitates the ability to obtain and analyze data. Learn how Cloud for Good and LSU Online & Continuing Education have developed a data-driven culture that engages more students, and how you can do the same. 

In addition to the above programs, Cloud for Good extended the discourse with curated roundtable talks on the following topics: 

  • Salesforce staffing 
  • Salesforce Advancement Strategy Construction 
  • Salesforce can help you maximize student success. 
  • Using MuleSoft to Create a Truly Connected Campus 

Closing Notes 

In conclusion, the Salesforce Education Summit 2023 was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on education professionals and institutions alike. This flagship event brought together Trailblazers from various backgrounds to share their stories, knowledge, and innovative ideas, inspiring attendees to enhance efficiency, growth, and productivity in their educational endeavors. 

With visionary speakers and excellent networking opportunities, the Summit provided a platform for educators to explore the latest innovations in the industry. The introduction of the new Education Cloud and its bundled features streamlined processes throughout the student lifecycle, revolutionizing the way educational institutions operate. 

Keynote sessions highlighted the importance of lifelong learning and equipping students with essential workforce skills. The focus on personalized approaches, intuitive communications, and engaging experiences aimed to tackle challenges such as the “enrollment cliff” faced by educational institutions, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cloud for Good showcased its successful collaborations with esteemed clients, Western Governors University, Indiana University Advancement, and LSU Online & Continuing Education. These sessions highlighted the transformative impact of Salesforce solutions in areas such as student placements, online giving, and data-driven marketing strategies. 

Overall, the Salesforce Education Summit 2023 provided valuable insights, practical solutions, and a platform for collaboration, empowering education professionals to shape the future of learning and pave the way for tomorrow’s leaders.

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