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Salesforce Automotive Cloud is an innovative new product that works together with Driver 360 to provide automobile companies with a real-time, all-inclusive view of their customers and vehicles. By utilizing the powerful capabilities of Customer 360, Driver 360 merges data from various sources to deliver top-tier services, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenue. With this product, you’ll receive pre-built solutions tailored to your industry-specific needs, including vehicle consoles, driver consoles, and advanced analytics capabilities. 

  • 99% of clients are unhappy with the usual car-buying process. 
  • 74% of consumers believe that honest and transparent communication is more crucial now than it was before the outbreak. 
  • 73% of clients expect personalized messages via email and SMS. 

Automative Cloud
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How does it function? 

Driver 360 is a system that includes a driver console, vehicle console, and AI and analytics capabilities to streamline the automotive value chain. 

 The driver console, provided by Salesforce, gives service teams a comprehensive view of every customer interaction, from browsing and purchasing history to service visits. Similarly, the vehicle console provides extensive information on the car, including odometer readings, market value, and real-time service and repair updates. 

 With the help of AI and analytics, the Automotive Cloud within the system enables teams to create and deliver automated branded experiences, such as updates on vehicle order status or shipment delays. 

 Salesforce Automotive Cloud includes all the necessary components to accelerate digitization throughout the entire value chain, including crucial elements such as AI and analytics capabilities. Let us look at a few crucial elements.  

1. Use a single data model to bridge the gap. 

To generate highly relevant micro-experiences regardless of the engagement channel, a unified data model that brings together Customer 360°, Dealer 360°, and Vehicle 360° is required. The data model is STAR (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail) compliant, allowing for simple connection with third-party industry solutions. 

2. Facilitate predictable outcomes and enhanced company performance. 

The new data model has resulted in improved management, deeper insights, and increased visibility for the sales and service organizations, as well as dealer networks. We can build a baseline for exploiting Salesforce AI/ML capabilities to speed the purchase lifecycle and encourage customer loyalty since we can structure and manage this information in a uniform manner. 

3. Link complex back-office operations to front-office user experience. 

Modern sales and after-sales experiences in new car sales and auto finance necessitate the orchestration of numerous disparate programs such as mainframe applications, ERP, inventory and warehouse management systems, multi-tier supply chain management systems, data factories, and so on. Salesforce now offers Digital Process Orchestration [DPA] as part of the Automotive Cloud. DPA uses a process-oriented approach that connects diverse systems scattered across numerous teams, allowing various business users to collaborate as a unified team. 

4. Lay the groundwork for data monetization. 

The cohesiveness of information in such a way that it can be digested more quickly, actioned more readily, and used universally enables the development of early-stage capabilities for direct-to-consumer channels and the supply of data monetization prospects. 

5. The Benefits of Salesforce Automotive Cloud Adoption 

Salesforce Automotive Cloud offers a range of features that can enhance the sales process, inventory and dealership management, real-time automation, and integration with existing applications. 

Enhanced Sales Process: The CRM system of Automotive Cloud evaluates customers’ car-buying preferences and provides leads to sales representatives accordingly. With targeted lead monitoring, the sales team can efficiently schedule customer visits, removing manual duties and allowing managers to focus on providing a tailored purchase experience with streamlined processes that include regular follow-ups.

Efficient Inventory and Dealership Management: Salesforce Automotive Cloud efficiently manages the day-to-day activities of the dealership. It includes features such as inventory management, warehouse operations, spare parts inventory, and stock calculation, optimizing workflow for maximum efficiency, from test drives and car sales to repairs and post-sales follow-ups. 

Real-time Automation: With Automotive Cloud’s backend artificial intelligence and analytics, customer data is analyzed in real-time, saving the sales force hours of effort. The data-driven strategy helps to understand client behavior and purchasing history, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates. Moreover, data analysis provides valuable insights into product information, timely notifications, and transaction details, which can be used to increase selling and cross-selling opportunities. 

Simple Integration: Automotive Cloud is adaptable and simple to integrate with other applications. It reduces resistance to incorporating a new product into the system while still maintaining efficiency in client interactions. By integrating data in real-time with numerous applications across multiple devices, Automotive Cloud helps to reduce expenses and enhance profits. 

        Final Words 

        Salesforce Automotive Cloud delivers tailor-made solutions to automakers, dealers, and auto financing organizations, enabling them to offer linked digital experiences for their employees and customers. At the core of Automotive Cloud is Driver 360, which provides a personalized Customer 360 platform to automotive companies. Built on top of Driver 360, Automotive Cloud offers industry-specific solutions that leverage customer and vehicle data for marketing, sales, service, and other business functions. 

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