Salesforce Automation Tools: Which One to Use?

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Salesforce offers businesses a complete package for streamlining and accelerating their business procedures.

Salesforce is well-equipped with a variety of apps known as Salesforce Automation Tools (SFA).

These apps’ primary goal is to automate workflows and sales processes and enhance the sales department’s leads, sales forecasts, and productivity.

SFAs have proved to be extremely helpful in improving the overall performance of your business.

A few salesforce tools are mentioned below, along with brief details of their features:

Process Builder

The Process Builder is an automated tool by Salesforce.

Its purpose is to control the ordering of various actions and evaluations of different criteria for records.

The actions associated with Process Builder include :

  • Record Creation
  • Updation of records
  • Posting information on Chatter
  • Utilization of quick action for already created objects and global actions
  • Launch/Trigger the flow from a process to automate actions
  • Automatic submission of a record for approval
  • Triggering an already written apex code from Salesforce
  • Invoking another process to speed up the sales process

The advantages of using Process Builder include :

  • Ease of use
  • Quicker development
  • It offers a combination of multiple workflows
  • Updation of child records
  • Notify chatter groups and emails
  • Multiple action association
  • Replace and access apex code

Flow Builder

Flow Builder is an app by Salesforce that offers businesses a faster, easier, and intuitive solution for building and assembling flows.

This solution has been designed with the latest front-end technologies to accelerate business processes.

The Flow builder follow these design principles :

  • Clarity
  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Beauty

The prominent features of Salesforce Flow Builder include the following:

  • The app includes several familiar and intuitive shapes to make the business flows easier and quicker to read
  • The latest technologies embedded in these apps are responsible for a lightning-fast performance
  • The lightning design system utilizes standard controls to make the app more efficient
  • The toolbox is simple, and it’s easy to find your desired element

Salesforce Automation Tool Workflow

Workflow is also a fantastic automated tool by Salesforce.

It is a container for business logic that automates several actions according to specific criteria.

When action meets specific criteria in the tool, then it’s being executed. 

The components of Workflow by Salesforce include the following:

  • Criteria: The conditions entered for testing a record are termed criteria.
  • Actions: The actions are executed when a particular criterion is met successfully
  • The actions are further categorized into two types: Immediate actions and Time-dependent actions

Approval By Salesforce

The approval SFA is built to automate the procedures through which records are approved within your organization.

The approval process involves the following steps:

The conditions that are mandatory for a step to get approved are specified in an approval process.

Based upon these conditions next step is executed.

The actions which are performed are based upon the results collected from the execution of the first step.

And then, the process is concluded on whether the record is approved or not.


The Salesforce automated tools have proved to be highly significant for enhancing the performance of the business.

SP Tech utilizes these SFA’s for streamlining the processes of their esteemed clients.

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