How to Create Salesforce Account Hierarchy?

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Do you think your business units or subsidiary businesses if linked internally on Salesforce would make things easier for you? 

How about being able to see all your companies in the perfect Hierarchy in Salesforce Org.? 

Well, all this and much more is possible with- Salesforce Account Hierarchy!!!

Let us know everything about it and you can surely get to leverage the maximum benefits of this feature of Salesforce. 

The Salesforce Account Hierarchy is a great way to quickly organize your company’s structure. The feature enables you to connect either parent companies to their subsidiaries or different business units within the company(s). When it is about quick implementation of how your company Hierarchy looks, nothing can beat Account Hierarchy in Salesforce.

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Benefits of using Salesforce Account Hierarchy 

The Salesforce account hierarchy shows how an individual’s accounts are organized to represent parent companies, their subsidiaries and business units. 

You can view the accounts based on various criteria, such as internal business units, country or state to which these accounts belong. For example, for bigger brands such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon or any other conglomerates, this feature makes it easier for them to structure their business units, and subsidiaries with the right use of Parent and Child Relationship between various account be inter or intra parent companies. 

Not just for bigger brands, be it a small to medium organization or startups, with Salesforce Account Hierarchy it becomes effortless to manage the information, such that it flows from one record to another as per the hierarchy.     

In other words, Account hierarchy in Salesforce refers to a system of organizing Business accounts with different levels. The higher up the level, the more information pertaining will be available for users; however, there can be only one parent account at any given moment. And this parent account contains all other sibling sub-accounts which themselves contain their own children down through further generations until every record has been accounted for! 

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Some Important Terms to begin with… 

Let us know about some important terms before we begin to create the account hierarchy in Salesforce.
Account Hierarchy Fields are used to create a hierarchical relationship between records, such as between an account and its parent account.  

This relationship can then be used to control data visibility; for example, a user with read-access to an account will also have read-access to all child accounts.  

Parent Account and Account Site 

The Parent Account field allows you to relate one record with another, so it’s an important part of your database. This type can have any combination of geographic locations, or both included in its definition – all by using just these standard fields! 

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Account site, this field allows you to identify the type of entity your account is, such as a branch or headquarters. With an 80-character limit on standard text fields like these it’s easy for each organization within our company to have their own guidelines when using this particular piece of information independently if that’s what they want! 

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Permissions are used to explicitly grant or deny users access to specific fields.  

For example, a user may be granted read access to an account’s name field but not to a specific field such as Salary field. Salesforce provides a number of built-in permissions, but administrators can also create custom permissions. 

Dynamic Actions 

By using other Salesforce functionalities, such as Dynamic Actions to granularly control the visibility of actions on your Record Page you can ensure that only those responsible for taking certain actions see them.   

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Let us take an example. 

The Marketing Team and Sales team both use the same object, but they have a different level of access. The sales staff doesn’t need to see anyone’s hierarchy because dynamic actions are enabled on our account record page for them so we can hide it from their profile by filtering out anything related specifically with customer service issues or inquiries about orders. Placing this filter will limit what appears in your reports when you run analysis. 

How to build and customize Salesforce Account Hierarchy?  

When setting up an Account hierarchy in Salesforce, it’s important to make sure that the View Account Hierarchy action (Lightning) or button (Classic) has been enabled for each user profile who will be able access this feature. 

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The first step is to make sure that the correct level of access, permissions and layouts are in place for our account. Once we have those elements squared away it will be easy enough from here on out!  

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By entering your information and completing the necessary fields, you can view an account’s hierarchy.  

The Data Import Wizard or loader is a great way to quickly transfer all the data from outside sources into Salesforce. This makes it easy for you because this process has been done before!  

The same steps can be repeated until hierarchies reach dozens of accounts, which means that even if the information already exists outside of your system; an admin could help populate parent account fields by using either wizard/loader depending on what they’re most comfortable with – though one option might work better than another depending upon how much time is available. 

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Are there any shortcomings in the Account Hierarchy? 

Account hierarchies are not available for person accounts.  

A maximum of 2000 accounts can be displayed on the Account hierarchy page, but you won’t see more than about 100 at once when scrolling through them all with your mouse or touchscreen device because they’re constantly being refreshed such that we have an accurate list!  

Account Hierarchies can be viewed within Salesforce–so if someone has permission to access it then they’ll get full access. 

How to customize Salesforce Account Hierarchy? 

To make processes improved as well for a more user-friendly experience, you can customize Salesforce Account Hierarchy and for that you need to know about these terms. 

Ultimate Parent Hierarchy 

The Ultimate Parent Formula is a field that reaches up to ten levels deep, which makes it plentiful for even the largest hierarchies. 

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Account Hierarchy page 

The new Ultimate Parent Account field makes sense to add on the Account Hierarchy page, especially if standard fields are not necessarily used within this Salesforce org. 

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Complex Account Hierarchy  

Customizations can get very complex, as you are able to write APEX code or create Lightning Web Components. This will allow for totally tailored Account hierarchies and more!  

App Exchange for Hierarchy 

Imagine working in an environment where you have the freedom and flexibility to create your perfect custom hierarchy. That’s how AppExchange can help vendors who are taking this feature further than ever before by creating more visuals for users, so they get a better understanding of their account status at any given time! 


Salesforce Account hierarchy is popular across the globe. If you are looking to create a custom salesforce account hierarchy, or need help with salesforce consulting for your organization, contact us. Our team of experts can help you get the most out of Salesforce and drive more sales through this powerful CRM software.  

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